Zhang Jie World Tour Concert in Wuhan last night, the most beautiful stars shine Jiangcheng rainlendar

Zhang Jie World Tour Concert in Wuhan last night, the most beautiful stars shine Jiangcheng (Chu network correspondent Shao Siying Jacky Zhang Jie) in November 19th, 2016 "I think" World Tour Concert at the Wuhan gymnasium in Zhuankou Sports Center, the night of the concert early filled the audience, one of the highlights of the stars and a star, Zhang Jie yet to debut, fans have been enthusiastic stadium shouted: Zhang Jie! After a lapse of two years with popular sentiment and return to Wuhan airport to greet hundreds of fans Zhang Jie November 17th night flight landed in Wuhan airport, hundreds of stars at the airport, and queue up to allow the channel to Jiege, Zhang Jie repeatedly chorus songs, waiting for their idol. Zhang Jie walked out of the airport to meet hundreds of fans, thoughtful staff will be off the flowers back in my arms, idol so close, it is worthy of the fans at night pick enthusiasm and intention, to Zhang Jie debut twelve years still popular, and he is also close to the fans have inevitable association. Two years later, once again return to the Wuhan concert, Hubei fans early on micro-blog loudspeaker "Jie brother, hot and dry noodles waiting for you oh!" Zhang Jie is in response to the scene shouting fans, the fans screaming up again and again, Zhang Jie also face a happy smile, sung one after another "Big Dipper love", "young", "battlefield more love more strong" with the audience chorus, the scene like a romantic atmosphere, ten foot. Recalled in 2014 for the love of the war against the tour WuHan Railway Station, Zhang Jie said "you complete a lot of impossible things with me, then give me a lot of power, just recall the past, my brother was on the scene to show affection and food:" this next song should be in 2010, Nana on the plane to write a song. I think there are a lot of friends who like Nana on the spot." The fans shouted, "right."!" Jie said: "look out, to bring you a lot of happiness, I also have a lot of energy, you want? Let’s listen to this song, I hope this song will come true in your heart, that little wish and dream." Then he sang "Angel in the cloud" on the stage. And that night, before the voice in Zhang Jie micro-blog song "flowers handkerchief" high in Wuhan sing, Zhang Jie said: "in Wuhan, for the first time you sing this song in the tour." So loving fans in Wuhan, but also make people envy! Inspirational fans for many years with "pen pal" in Wuhan based on the audience climax a lift the stars, from the first day to love Zhang Jie, Zhang Jie is trying to infection, she study hard admitted to the University of foreign trade and economic cooperation, because Zhang Jie committed to charity, she followed the three feet of the podium foot on teaching. Two years ago to participate in the "idol’s reply" activities, had the honor to receive Zhang Jie’s public reply, the letter Zhang Jie said: "although I do not remember the way you look, but it must be the most comfortable and comfortable appearance, from the heart." This concert, the fans are invited to come to the scene, it is a "pen pal" face, even her own when greeting takes the letter said: "Hello, my pal Zhang Jie", the reason for that is the pen pal, because in 2014!相关的主题文章: