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Yang Jian led to the investigation of Dali Airport expansion work – Yunnan Channel – people.com.cn original title: Yang Jian led to the investigation of Dali Airport expansion work Yang Jian in Dali Airport investigation. Recently, the Deputy Secretary of Dali state governor Yang Jian rate Party committee, state government vice governor Zhu Jianbin, deputy governor of the state government, Hong Yunlong, Zou Ziqing, Duan Jie Yang Chengxian, Secretary General Li Dong will wait until Dali Airport expansion project, port construction and characteristics of arresting system project progress to conduct field research, and held on-site office will. Yang Jian on behalf of the State Commission, the state government to thank all the staff at Dali Airport in recent years and opening up, Dali economic and social development a major contribution to the reception work, I hope you make persistent efforts, will further work better. Yang Jian pointed out that to further realistically Dali Airport expansion work, to limit the examination and approval procedures, accelerate the implementation of the project, to ensure that by the end of next year and put into use; to further realistically temporary port construction, detailed tasks, timetable and schedule form the responsibility to realistically list; domestic and international routes opened, seriously study and related to early planning the Department, in the practical implementation of this new route opened at the same time, good planning next year’s work, do a good job with the relevant units of the consultation, to ensure the orderly operation of existing routes; to grasp the safety operation of the airport, always put the safety operation in the first place, continue to promote the safety management work; to grasp the security service, strengthen site cooperation, continuously enhance the airport service quality; state departments, Dali city to support the construction of the airport, to ensure that all work To promote orderly and efficient. Yang Jian stressed the need to accelerate the statewide general airport planning and construction, rational distribution, scientific planning and general airport location; accelerate Weishan, Binchuan for a class of general airport preparatory work, to ensure the realization of zero breakthrough as soon as possible, accelerate the development of the tourism industry; earnestly implement the cooperation agreement signed with Yunnan airport group, strengthen communication and cooperation, to grasp the the advance and implement. The meeting, Duan Jie on the next step to put forward specific requirements. Dali Airport and the State Civil Aviation Office, the State Bureau of Commerce, Dali customs, Dali entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the relevant work on the report. State government, the national development and Reform Commission, the housing and Construction Bureau, the Environmental Protection Bureau, the water authority, the forestry bureau, the Dali municipal government and the Dali municipal government, the main person in charge to participate in research. (reporter Zhang Jingyi Wen (Figure): jade, wood wins commissioning editor Xu Qian)相关的主题文章: