Yahoo! Store Design-navigation Enhancement Features

Related Items on Product Page When a customer purchases one item then there is a chance to purchase other related items from you in one go. In other words if your main item is Camera you can sell batteries too. In Yahoo! Store you need a feature that can display such other related items. This way your overall sell percent will increase. It also boosts the conversion since you assist the buyers with your suggestions. Cross selling have some extra benefits over any sale technique. Sub Categories on Left Navigation for Current section This feature displays the sub categories under any main category of your Store directly in the left navigation bar. This offers opportunities to show further categorization of your product to your customers so they can choose the sub category they are interested in. You can show your customers what you are going to offer and increase the retention ratio. It increases the visibility of sub categories and makes your product easily available to your customers. Randomly Displayed Best Sellers Every business has some set of products that need to be highlighted as Best Sellers, New Arrivals, Specials, Featured Products etc. and the best place is homepage of Yahoo! Store. If these highlights are displaying random set of products each time it proves a great feature for you. It serves the customers with something new each time they .e. Next Item or Previous Item Buttons When you are browsing through the product catalogue of a particular category then you are to return to the main category page each time and that proves to be a tedious job for you. A good RTML developer can solve this problem by developing next item or previous item buttons for you in navigation of Yahoo! Store so user can go back and forth in that particular category and increase browse time by letting them peruse each item one by one. This gives a feeling of a paper catalog that flips every page of a category and let customers browse through selected categories. This gives your customers a sense of options encouraging them buy more. This is useful on product pages. Next Item or Previous Items with Preview Image This one is same as previous one. It shows preview image of the product. Product Carousel You can use such feature when you have some limited space available for the products means you have to display more products then fits within the available space. The Carousel allows users to scroll through the set of products. If you use alt tags for images then it will not affect your SEO campaign at all. The set up with the scripts and templates actually allow search engines to crawl the product page links as normally as they"d appear without this feature. Custom Graphic/Message for Out of Stock Icon When your Store is running out of stock for some items then you need such features. It informs your customers that they can not put orders of such items. Bread Crumb Trails This feature show you that where they stay in the directory structure in relation to the rest of your Yahoo! Store. It provides a visual path for visitors to know in which section or sub section they are currently shopping. Bread Crumb Trails are depicted on the top of each page giving your visitors a back track to the index page and all the web pages in between. This one is SEO friendly feature. It is useful for all pages. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: