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Xuzhou a mentally ill drive city police dispatched search for the morning of September 15th, Xuzhou Yunlong police received 110 alarm, said there is a mental patient with a 5 year old daughter, drove into the city of Xuzhou, the way has been in traffic accidents, to prevent accidents, the police asked the city of the car were dispatched to search. Received 110 notification dispatched, police in Xuzhou city for the car to start the search dispatched, about 10 o’clock in the morning, Yun Long police found the car 110 vehicles dispatched in Xuanwu near the market, but the car did not have obvious impact marks, the appearance of the vehicle. After the police learned that the car has been parked in the car for more than an hour. The left side of the vehicle was severely deformed, the front windshield has been broken, and the door was not locked. Subsequently, the police deployed a large number of police in the vicinity of the psychiatric patients to search. After the search, the police found at noon in the vicinity of the woman, and followed him to the vicinity of the vehicle, the woman’s family has arrived on the scene, the woman unexpectedly sudden onset of psychosis, sitting on the ground crying non-stop. Police and their families together, the woman control. According to his family, the woman in the morning with a 5 year old daughter from Suining home to drive out, then the family will alarm. Women have been on the road with a number of vehicles collided with traffic accidents. Subsequently, the police will be accompanied by the vehicle with his family transferred back to his family, and sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. Police remind, a mental illness, must take good care of, pay particular attention to keeping the keys to the car and other dangerous items, to avoid the occurrence of similar accidents.相关的主题文章: