Xi Mengyao offered to TV variety show in the first transparent dress exhibition in good shape – Ente boee

Xi Mengyao Xian T Taiwan TV debut show good figure – transparent dress entertainment Sohu   Xi Mengyao Xian T Taiwan TV entertainment news Sohu debut on Friday broadcast of "we have come to the" Chengdu program, a shock will be staged ten guests T NTU show, brings the incomparable visual feast for the audience. T big show, international supermodel Xi Mengyao, Victoria’s Secret Angels dressed in transparent dream dress sexy appearance. As the first show of its T variety show, her performance is expected. Xi Mengyao T Taiwan TV debut high voice was three degrees on the Victoria’s secret show as Xi Mengyao boarded the three secrets of Vitoria stage, and has the Victoria’s Secret Angel Wings international supermodel in the world of haute couture, can see her in high cold modern fashion, in the T stage full of aura figure. As many of the famous fashion show darling, Ming Xi chose to participate in "we have come to the" dedication of the first variety show, her performance on the show in the limelight, and users are very high on their way T Xiu calls in the program. It is reported that, in the West Village of Chengdu T NTU show, the famous couture designer Guo Pei "to" help us, for ten guests to bring her wedding dress "and" courtyard "a series of senior custom dress. T shows a fully professional skills in transparent dress sexy and charming with rich experience T Taiwan international supermodel Xi Mengyao, in the face of the program in the T fashion show, she is extremely serious, formal rehearsal and catwalk are very hard, did not let up. Flat shoes rehearsal in T on her walk and POSE had profound professional knowledge, the T stage of the review is very attractive, show supermodel style. But as the mystery guest Zhang Liang T shows a "show", full of praise for Xi Mengyao’s performance. The face of ten guests in the professional model of Xi Mengyao, Guo Pei specially prepared a transparent dress for her dream. This transparent dream dress coat is sexy lace hem is layered dynamic tassel, the whole dress sexy and balanced fashion. Xi Mengyao with graceful figure and professional POSE, transparent dream dress show most incisive. While wearing a dress she is the ultimate charm. You want to see the T show on the ten guests in the world, want to know how to have a beautiful dream transparent dress shocking beauty in the international supermodel Xi Mengyao interpretation, the Friday 20:20 lock Hunan TV, "we have come to the" wonderful T show you surf the ocean of fashion.相关的主题文章: