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Woman by car about the car was hit by a driver in the face of the witness: both sides have the wrong September 14th, an excellent step driver slapped the girl’s face in the circle of friends micro-blog spread. What is the truth of the matter? This reporter launched an investigation. The girl was called last name, 21 years old this year. According to her introduction, September 13th, at 1:30, in the bus she Yaopo camphor road in the vicinity of the station, by yuho taxi software, called a silver (white) color Mazda, near ready to Gaoqiao Zhaohui road. More than and 10 minutes later, the car rushed over, when the car has a woman about 30 years old, is to go to Xingsha. The car, the driver asked Xiao Zeng where to go, she said, "you see the map." After that, she looked down at the phone, ignoring the driver. Traveling to Wanjiali Road, the driver asked her, is Wanjiali viaduct, or go under the bridge? Because she didn’t walk across the bridge, tell each other, "you go your own way." "He thought I meant to say that, in Changsha, if I was his daughter, I’d been killed." Xiao Zeng said. Takahashi WAL-MART in the vicinity of the road, the driver asked her how to go? She said she was angry with her by walking on the map. "You do, I’m gonna give you a bad opinion."!" Xiao Zeng said, when the driver moved his hand, a slap in the face, just hit her right face. Her hand a block, and then to push each other, the driver will hold her hands. Later, Xiao Zeng called 110, Takahashi police station conducted a mediation on the matter, "he immediately apologized," mediation "according to each 50 strokes". When the driver surnamed Zhou, police station has been dealt with, two people have signed up. There was a woman on the bus." Zhou master suggested that the reporter consulted third female passengers, he said he did not want to say. Reporters contacted the passengers in the car ms.. "Both sides are at fault." MS Tang said that the beginning of the beginning of the week is a good attitude, and later came to the destination, Xiao Zeng threw out a "you again that, to the poor". The driver did give Xiao Zeng a slap in the face, but then Xiao Zeng hit back with the key, hit the driver’s head and hands. In order to prevent injuries, the driver had to seize Xiao Zeng’s hand."相关的主题文章: