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Exynos 8890 suspected Meizu PRO6 Plus certified Sohu [IT168] – digital information while a "Meizu" concert will be the new hero Charm Blue, but this does not mean that there are no heavy flagship debut. The day before, according to the National Quality Certification Center released the latest information shows that Meizu has M686 and M686Q two new machines to obtain 3C certification. Although temporarily do not know the specific identity, but because the two types of production and the charger with the Meizu PRO 6S models are the same, plus had already confirmed the two models of the machine does not support CNC function, so it is highly likely that is equipped with Samsung Exynos processor Meizu PRO 6 Plus. The new machine is certified according to the National Quality Certification Center released the latest information shows that Meizu has M686 and M686G two new machine to obtain the 3C certification by the Langfang Municipal Communications ultra technology limited production, and the distribution of the charger is available in two sizes, respectively UP0830 and PRO 6 standard charger Meizu PRO6s standard UP0830S charger output power support fast charging and a maximum of 24W. Although it is not clear the true identity of the new machine, but after Meizu M686 and M686G has been approved by the radio launch model, and confirmed that it will not have full CNC function. Therefore, with this new machine Meizu origin and charger model are the same with the Meizu PRO 6S, and does not support the full Netcom function characteristics, it is likely that is the Meizu PRO equipped with a Samsung Exynos 8890 processor of the legendary 6 Plus. With the Exynos processor, although this is only our speculation, but there is still a lot of evidence to prove its authenticity. First of all, past insiders @ Pan Jiutang disclosed Meizu will be equipped with Exynos 8890 processor’s flagship launch; second, users @ Mocha industry agency said on micro-blog, equipped with Samsung platform of the new machine Meizu does, but also with a curved screen. More importantly, the Bunny has exposed a model for the new machine meizu_m96, and confirm with the Samsung Exynos 8890 processor, and equipped with 2K resolution display. So if this time to get 3C certification Meizu M686 and M686G is the previous exposure of the meizu_m96, then it should be the legendary Meizu PRO 6 Plus, allegedly equipped with a 5.7 inch hyperbolic screen. Before the Spring Festival or release in addition, in August this year has already revealed a group of users of the new machine Meizu double screen spy, the main feature is the "set" button is equipped with front and the integration of fingerprint recognition, but joined the double screen design, so adding Bunny disclosure specifications, the basic characteristics of the so-called Meizu PRO 6 Plus has this is hyperbolic completely bared there and then, screen with 2K resolution, 4GB RAM+32GB ROMd storage.相关的主题文章: