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Why Taiwanese of emperor Jiaqing "special favor"? Sohu culture channel emperor Kiyoshihito Sokakei never been to Taiwan, but the world spread all kinds of stories he traveled to Taiwan, "Jia Qingjun Taiwan Tour" of the legend, widely loved the people of Taiwan, through fiction and drama spread so far, deeply rooted in the people. Why is there such a legend? So why Taiwanese love Jiaqing? The morning of September 7th, former president Feng Mingzhu of Taipei the Imperial Palace Museum invited to the Imperial Palace Museum in Beijing held a "historical interpretation and Exhibition: the story of the Qing Ren relics exhibition, opened a prelude to the decryption of emperor jiaqing. After the lecture, Feng Mingzhu appointed as Beijing the Imperial Palace Research Institute consultant, the Imperial Palace Research Institute president Zheng Xinmiao issued a letter of appointment for the. According to Zheng Xinmiao, Feng Mingzhu is the the Imperial Palace Research Institute hired fifth consultants, the other four are: Fu Xinian China Academy of Engineering researcher, the famous ancient literature expert Li Zhizhong research librarian and the German Academy of Sciences, University of Heidelberg Professor Hou’s famous sinologist, British former vice president of University of Oxford Jessica lady Rosen?. "The museum is a cause of my life, and I am honored to be invited as a consultant by the Beijing Institute of the Imperial Palace, after retiring from the Taipei the Imperial Palace." Feng Mingzhu said. "Jia Qingjun? Taiwan Tour – Qing Ren relics exhibition is curated by Feng Mingzhu in May this year, the outgoing president of the Taipei the Imperial Palace museum professional exhibition, with the Taipei the Imperial Palace south hospital opened at the same time, in September 4th after the exhibition closed. Curatorial origin: "Jia Qingjun tour Taiwan widespread emperor Jiaqing twenty-five years, formerly known as Yong Yan, Qianlong (1760) at the beginning of October six, was born in Old Summer Palace and a spring house. "Jiaqing is concubines, ranking again, not ordinarily in the bearing Datong opportunity. But he introverted, prudent, diligent, disciplined, benevolence and filial piety, these qualities are the heavy father 60. Qianlong spent more than 20 years, from 14 to cultivate him to 35 year old time Yong yan. Sixty years of Qianlong (1795) official Li Yong Yan crown prince of secret." For the Jiaqing emperor, Feng Mingzhu said that in the pulpit. Legend of emperor Jiaqing prince had to travel to Taiwan, South Central Taiwan for many places of historic interest and scenic beauty Jia Qingjun once visited cling, become a tourist attraction. But the research history, Emperor Jiaqing ascended the throne before or were not ascended the throne after the visit to Taiwan, why there is such a legend? Rise in when? This caused the study history of Qing Dynasty Feng Mingzhu’s curiosity, so she combined with the Imperial Palace Tongren, explore its causes, and combining the characters, history and legend of exhibition. The special exhibition will be the remains of the legend of the remains of the relics, to be located in the legend of the source of the the Imperial Palace in the south hospital exhibition. Feng Mingzhu said that the reason of planning the exhibition area of Taiwan was inspired by an old legend "by our tour of Taiwan", this legend is popular in South Central Taiwan area, the villagers still believe, was written in novels after art film and television industry development of Sung, especially into TV series broadcast. Become the ordinary local rap drama known to every family, the so far just unfolding. Feng Mingzhu said, in order to cooperate with the Museum of Taipei the Imperial Palace.相关的主题文章: