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Health Rohit, an employee with a top firm in Mumbai had recently be.e a proud father of a baby boy. A sincere professional and a family man, Rohit had bought a plush apartment in the up-market Bandra area. Everything was hunky dory till one day Rohit met with a serious accident while returning from work. A speeding car from the wrong side of the traffic slammed into Rohit’s car causing disaster. What happened after that was never ever imagined by Ajay. Both his hands were rendered paralyzed and had to be operated upon. Being a senior programmer, he realized that his future was lost. He was penalized for no folly of his in the form of his ouster from the .pany. While his in.e stopped, his EMI and house expenses still had to continue. This added to the emotional and financial woes of his newly started family and he could do nothing to help it. Though his health insurance plan covered hospitalization, it did not cover permanent disablement. If only Rohit had insurance against accident, things would have been entirely different. A personal accident insurance plan covers a person in case of accidental death and permanent total disability. In addition, it also offers financial protection against permanent partial disability and provides for your children’s education in case of a life changing accident. Personal accident insurance is one of the cheapest plans in the market. This is another reason why you should avail one as soon as possible, for an emergency might arise without notice. In the event of accidental death, the sum assured by the .pany’s policy is paid in full. Whereas a case of permanent total disability entails payment up to 125 percent of the principal sum assured. If an accident results in permanent partial disability or temporary disablement, the insurance .pany pays the full amount insured. For instance, had Rohit availed insurance prior to the unfortunate accident, he would have had a hassle free recovery. The financial burdens would have been taken care of by the insurance .pany. In case of permanent total disability or accidental death, a certain amount (as specified by the insurance plan) goes in the favour of your children’s education benefit. This however requires you to cover your children under the purview of the insurance scheme. Moreover, funeral expenses are also taken care of by the .pany in the event of accidental death of an insured member. Claim process in case of accident is made extremely simple and succinct in the best possible way. No longer do you have to rack your brains in order to avail claims in case of accidents. Log on to the internet, read through all the details and .pare policies before you sign up for a personal accident cover. Source: 相关的主题文章: