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Relationships Have you ever wondered why there are more men who cheat on their partners than women? The reasons why men cheat are extremely different from the reason why women cheat (when and if they do). For a man, it is important to understand the drives that may lead him to deceive his partner, especially if he would consciously try to stay away from such temptations. The one excuse that most men give their wives or partners when they are caught in the act of cheating is that their genetic make-up is the culprit and that man was made with the purpose of procreation for the survival of the species. Surely we have .e a long way from then when the Earth required populating! With countries trying to reduce population, there can be no excuse to not exercising control and restraint using mind power to over.e the hormones that seem to override all decisions. Another reason why men are infidel is the lure of a challenge. The thrill of being able to date other women and keeping their partners in the dark provides them with an adrenalin rush akin to that of watching a spy movie. The clandestine meetings, the feigning, the palpitations when you nearly get caught literally provides them a thrill similar to that of a hunt. .petitiveness with single and other infidel friends acts as fuel to the fire and then, there is a need to outpace the others as if getting the best looking girl or the higher number of girls is a 100-meter race. The fact that multiple women are willing to spend time with them and share an intimate relationship boosts their ego to no extent. One feels like he is on the top of the world to discover that he is still desirable and can woo single women if he wants to. Sometimes, this ego boosting be.es addictive and there is a sense of depression and low esteem when there is not enough flattery. And then there is the most quoted of all excuses for getting involved in a relationship: that is the waning interest in a relationship. The lack of excitement, love and thrill in the current relationship leads men to seek gratification elsewhere. Though this may happen in any relationship, one should either take corrective measures to find the cause of the deterioration or end a relationship and then move forward. However, what often happens is that the man is apprehensive of being able to find someone who may be interested in having a relationship with him. The thought of being left lonely in the later years of his life is not a .forting one and to avoid risk, infidelity is what they choose over direct confrontation. Whatever may be the reasons, infidelity cannot be a justified by hormones, instincts, emotional or physical needs. Society expects man to exercise constraint and respect the basis of a relationship and not behave like a wild animal who cannot control his hormones! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: