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Which mobile phone brand is the worst quality? Mobile phone brand failure rate list – the Sohu Blannco Technology Group technology recently disclosed third quarter global mobile phone failure rate report, report shows that the third quarter of 62% iPhone and iPad had encountered problems, while the proportion of Android equipment is only 47%. 65% of iOS devices have suffered a crash, the proportion of Android devices is only about $25%. Android stability is far more than iOS, Android mobile phone brand in the highest rate of failure of Samsung millet, mobile phone product equipment, music as the music 2 failure rate of up to 13%. In the Android mobile phone brand, Samsung’s highest failure rate, up to 11%. Domestic mobile phone, millet phone is not reliable, failure rate of 4%, followed by Lenovo, SONY, MOTO, music, SHARP, LG, ASUS, Swipe. In the Android device, music as the music 2 failure rate of up to 13%. Followed by two millet phone – red rice 3S and red rice Note 3, are all in the row, the failure rate in the top 5 as well as Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (5%) and Lenovo Vibe K5 Note (4%). Android equipment failure mainly in the battery (accounting for 7% of the device) and display (6%). In all manufacturers, Samsung brand mobile phone and tablet PC failure rate of 11%. Generally speaking, people think that the iOS device is more reliable than Android devices, but a new report from Blannco Technology Group of the disclosure of the data was surprising. However, Samsung, millet and Lenovo’s failure rate topped the list, the quality of mobile phones worrying.相关的主题文章: