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Book-Reviews Each day the year 2012 comes closer, as we come to terms with how will the world end and how it appears less like a night out at the movies and more like our fate. It’s amazing how these prophecies, regarding the end times, can be from entirely different regions of the world and from different time periods. However, they all are similar in when will the world end. Historically speaking, there is no specific date that impacts so many cultural, religious, and even scientific predictions. Even a date as precise as December 21. 2012, is indicative of the end of a 5125 year calendar, which is believed to be when the world will end. The Mayans developed this calendar to note when the world will reset itself and begin a transformational event as last seen in the days of Noah. There are a great number of predictions that believe the world will transform and change the way mankind lives. We have all heard about Nostradamus, who’s name became famous because his predictions usually come true. His books include the story of the winter solstice, which describes a significant solar event that will bring devastation to our planet and change our way of life. It truly can’t be only a coincidence that our modern day astrologist confirm a solar alignment about the same time period. It’s amazing how the timing of these predictions come from different places. Even the most trusted of books, the holy bible, offers a great number of prophecies about the end times and clearly describes today’s times. In the book of revelations, it talks about a great mushroom cloud that darkens a third of the planet which is named the Abyss. It even describes fighter jet planes by stating "they had breastplates like that of iron and the sound of their wings were like many chariots rushing into battle". It’s amazing how a book that was written two thousand years ago can so accurately describe modern civilization. If you study these prophecies more closely, you will learn that they really don’t necessarily describe the destruction of the earth but, they all very clearly discuss how the world will be changed and our way of life will change with it. This leads us to the issue of survival. If it is possible to survive these end times then, it would be very important to learn about this today and prepare rather than waiting for tomorrow when it actually does happen. How do you write this off as a coincidence when so many prophecies, from such different sources, all so closely describe when will the world end. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: