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When the car new car to sell   4S shop was sentenced to pay 1 million 80 thousand yuan, three times the Car Buying people.com.cn car — people.com.cn original title: used cars used when new car 4S sell Pipan Pei three times Car Buying paid 1 million 80 thousand yuan now buy their own car has been sold and used, consumers will shop to Xu immediately 4S on the court. The day before, Chengdu City Intermediate People’s Court concluded a contract dispute judgment, auto 4S stores were returned Car Buying Xu deposit, Car Buying, insurance fees totaling more than 22 yuan, while the decision of a car sales company for Xu three times Car Buying paid 1 million 80 thousand yuan. After the verdict, a car sales company will pay the compensation to xu. The purchase of vehicles to be sold over the 4S store was a repeat car in April 19, 2015, the defendant Xu in a car sales company 4S XTS luxury store ordered a Cadillac car, car price 360 thousand yuan, the purchase contract in special vehicles for the new car has not been agreed, is expected to make cars for 30 month, signed on the same day, Xu pay a deposit of 10 thousand yuan. On the 26 day of the month, car sales company for the purchase of car insurance Xu, Xu paid insurance premiums on the day of $9804 and the first payment of 208 thousand yuan. But in the vehicle before delivery, the two sides dispute, Xu believes that through the relevant evidence, the car was sold, bought insurance, in the city of Chengdu on the temporary vehicle license, and the former owner driving the vehicle running thousands of kilometers, and even over the province, because of the existence of serious quality problems by car return. In the negotiation process, the car sales company recognized the vehicle has a single record, but denied the actual delivery and use, but did not come up with evidence to prove. Because the two sides repeatedly unsuccessful negotiations, the vehicle sales company in the second month of 15, Xu mail delivery contract notice to terminate the contract. The court of final appeal: fraud will be three times the compensation court after the court found, November 28, 2014, the vehicle sales company for the car owners Yan for auto insurance, 12 month of the car has been within the jurisdiction of a temporary license plate, from the vehicle, engine number and vehicle identification code can prove the car and Xu, the purchase of vehicles the same car. The court of first instance that the insurance, temporary license from the vehicle, the vehicle can be identified and used to sell the fact, but the defendants in the case has not yet Shesu vehicle actual delivery of the plaintiff, the plaintiff is not the actual use of the vehicle and the complaint did not submit evidence of losses thus caused, the case does not belong to the statutory get the goods price three times compensation case, the court of first instance then dismissed the plaintiff of the appeal. After the first instance verdict, the plaintiff refused to appeal. Chengdu intermediate people’s Court of second instance that car sales company not only deliberately concealing the true situation of the vehicle had sold and used, has repeatedly verbally told Xu the vehicle is a new car, enough to affect Xu whether to buy the vehicle, should be recognized as consumer fraud. The trial verdict, the facts are clear, but the error of law, should be corrected, then the above verdict. Judge said: three times the loss of compensation for the loss of the calculation based on the Chengdu intermediate people’s court hearing the case of the presiding judge Hou Wenfei相关的主题文章: