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What Causes Hard drive failure? Data Recovery FAQ’s – Hard Drive Failure Heat, friction, electrical problems, and mishandling are the most common culprits of Hard Drive failure. Most people have just never been told how sensitive the inside of a drive is. There are very delicate elements inside that are perfectly calibrated. Any impact to the hard drive can quickly realign the internal components causing black screens, blue screens, and error messages. G-forces are not your hard drive’s friend. Static shock causes more problems than even most technicians realize, because whether or not you feel the voltage, the components slowly deteriorate. A qualified shop will have expensive gear to prevent any further damage. 6 things that you can do to Prevent Hard Drive failure and protect your Hard Drive.. 1. HANDLE CAREFULLY – Hard drives are mechanical devices and should always be handled carefully.Avoid moving your computer when powered on. 2. Use a good surge protector -Spikes in the power supply to the hard drive electronics could burn the electronic components of the hard drive. 3. Proper Shut-Down – Close all programs and shut down windows or other operating systems before you switch off the power supply to your computer. 4. Clean it Up- Defragment your hard drive and run check disk often, to fix any logical errors. 5. Avoid Magnets – Since electronic data is stored on the magnetic surface of a hard drive, strong magnetic fields caused by powerful magnets will affect the data on your hard drive. Ensure that no one uses large magnets or magnetic toys in the vicinity of your hard drive. For Data Recovery Quick Tips and troubleshooting your Hard Drive visit .DataRecoveryQuickTips.com. For Emergency Data recovery assistance contact .DriveMedics.com or call 858-560-DATA About the Author: Drive Medics Data Recovery is a nationally renowned provider of high-end data recovery services. They have made a name for themselves as the premier data recovery services provider in the San Diego area by engineering and optimizing data recovery techniques ranging from the home user level to advanced RAID server configurations. No other business can offer the same level of flexibility and technical expertise. Visit their site @ .DriveMedics.com or Call 858-560-DATA Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Data-Recovery 相关的主题文章: