Wealth in 2016 the world’s 50 most influential women Dong Mingzhu, Liu Qing list spyair

Wealth in 2016 the world’s 50 most influential women: Dong Mingzhu, list of Tencent technology, according to foreign media reports, Fortune magazine announced on the weekend of the world’s top 50 most influential women in 2016. From Chinese, the list includes GREE CEO Dong Mingzhu, CEO Wang Fengying, the Great Wall automobile Chinese general technology group president Li Dang, CEO Peng Lei, Longhu golden ants Group Chairman Wu Yajun, Morgan Stanley China CEO Sun Wei Wu Wei, CFO Alibaba, Baidu CFO Li Xinzhe, GE China CEO, President of the travel section of small tassel drops Liu Qing, chairman of HUAWEI, Sun Yafang, and the blue Synopsys CEO week qunfei. The following is the wealth of the magazine’s comments on the list: 11 Dong Mingzhu, aged 62, with the cooling of China’s economy, the Chinese market is also weak air conditioning sales. Last year, as China’s largest air conditioner manufacturers, GREE revenue fell 29% to $15 billion 900 million. However, GREE chairman and President Dong Mingzhu expressed confidence. She proposed a diversified business development strategy, and start from the phone. Dong Mingzhu said that the 1 generation of GREE mobile phone is a "not bad for the past 3 years". The phone is equipped with air conditioning and home security control system. Although Dong Mingzhu said that this phone sales will reach 100 million units, and compete with millet, but the 1 generation of GREE mobile phones in 2015 did not sell shelves. In June this year, GREE launched the 2 generation of GREE phones. Currently, GREE also plans to develop environmentally friendly cars. However, before giving the data to prove that Dong Mingzhu’s ranking on this list will not rise. 12 Wang Fengying, aged 46, is the highest paid car company in China, CEO. Although China’s economy is slowing, but because of low oil prices, the Chinese middle class is still interested in replacing the car to SUV. After in 2013 founded the the Great Wall automobile high-end hover SUV brand, Wang Fengying planned a "red blue" strategy, to sports SUV Red Logo aimed at home users, marked in blue city SUV aimed at the pursuit of fashionable young owners. The Harvard brand successfully rescued the the Great Wall car: car sales decline in 2015 net revenues of the company grew 19% to $11 billion 640 million. Wang Fengying joined the Great Wall in 1991, when the the Great Wall car just from a small agricultural vehicle factory into a private car company. In 2002 she served as the Great Wall motor CEO. 13 59 year old Li Dang Dang Li, Qing Dynasty is a well-known politician Li Hongzhang’s descendants, she joined the Chinese General Technology Group in 2000, when the company was founded only two years time. Currently, as the size of the $28 billion state-owned trading group president, Li Dang’s office has entered the second 10 years. China General Technology Group’s business covers plant construction, corporate real estate management, pharmaceutical, and engineering consulting. Li Dang is a member of the CPPCC National Committee, is also a supporter of environmental protection. In 2015, she said, China’s aluminum industry, cement industry, glass industry, steel industry and shipping industry should reduce the waste in the production process. Recently, she also called for increased investment in environmentally friendly companies. 16 peng.相关的主题文章: