Visit the Tiangong two launch tower secret climb the tower internal structure remonstrate

Visit the Tiangong two launch tower secret "climb the tower" the internal structure of news: at the Jiuquan satellite launch center, for the upcoming launch tower launch Tiangong two space laboratory, can be regarded as the merit of our country tower, from Shenzhou one to Shenzhou ten manned spacecraft, from Tiangong-1 to Tiangong two. Here to witness the Chinese manned space history, the CCTV reporter also visited the launch tower. CCTV reporter Wu Jie: at my side of the tower is the only one in our country to launch a manned spacecraft launch tower, it is also the most iconic building of the Jiuquan satellite launch center. Now we see that the steel tower has four layers from the bottom to the top platform, the platform bottom is slowly opened, when the Rockets came here to complete the vertical tower, the platform will be closed, to provide protection for the rockets. Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Station staff: Qi Jian (tower) its main structure is 75 meters high, and on top of it and a crane, and a lightning arrester, and it is 105.52 meters, is the completion of the whole steel structure, there is no other things ah ah reinforced concrete that is a full steel structure, the overall steel is 2300 tons. In addition to the steel casting body, transmission tower and complex pipe line, the rocket and the spacecraft through the vertical transport here, it will take the rocket to wrap up, provide a suitable environment for it, but also to help rocket fuel filling. In addition to the huge difference, the launch tower and the largest common launch tower is here to bear the mission of manned spacecraft, the astronauts are ready to fly to the universe before the "climb the tower". Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Station staff Qi Jian: this layer is more special, that is, we are in front of the astronauts through this layer, into the spacecraft. We have a lift here is explosion-proof, the astronauts a private elevator, because the rocket will have propellant is a dangerous, the astronaut is from the explosion proof elevator came from here, into our ships. Reporter: This is the location of our rocket? Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Station staff Qi Jian: you can see, a little walk a little, this location is the body of the rocket, the rocket in the following, this place is the Shenzhou spacecraft position further, smaller mouth position, is our escape tower location. After the astronauts from here came in, dressed in this room, for cleanliness to meet the requirements of the clothes, and then from this position into our spacecraft. To ensure the safety of astronauts launch tower design precision because of bearing the manned space mission, the launch tower also provide protection to a body strong as iron is the most detailed the lives of astronauts in case of emergency, the tower also to ensure the safety of astronauts. Reporter: what is the meaning of this underground red? Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Station staff Qi Jian: that is, if there is a case such as the emergence of propellant leakage, the astronauts to terminate the mission, the astronauts from the inside out along the star相关的主题文章: