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.puters-and-Technology Website design software can assist you when it .es to designing a website but it may not be of much help when it .es to deciding the color scheme of your site. Getting the color scheme right for your website can be a very influential factor, simply because the colors can dictate how a visitor to your website can explore your website, and whether they actually stay on your site or you possibly lose that potentially retainable traffic. Therefore, it is vital to consider the right colors that are suitable for your target market. In order to get the right color palette for your website, you must realize the subject group or category that best describes your overall website. A website theme such as a women’s site for dating, would not work at its best for an effective user journey if awkward colors such as black and purple were used. In the same manner if your theme is gothic, then using bright pink and orange is a grave design mistake. You can always get some useful ideas from the templates that your own web design software package provides for you. Lots of brilliant website design software are out there, each providing a whole host of design styles to cater for many tastes. So what are the best colors that you should use for your site? The unique written content and overall subject of the website will without a doubt affect the eventual choice of color for the website. However, what you need to remember is to choose a color palette that will make it easy for your visitors to read the content of your site. By going for darker background colors, then lighter foreground or font colors will work best against this. Prior to making your website live, and publishing it to the World Wide Web, you should preview your site using whatever page viewing tools your website design software contains. Finally, you must consider the meaning behind certain color choices. For some users of the Internet, particularly visitors from other countries than the country of origin of the website, some colors can prove offensive due to differing contexts. Popular color choices for websites are red, which is used to grab attention or to signify luck, love, fire and passion; green, which is .monly used by earth friendly sites; yellow, which symbolizes warmth, light and energy; and blue, which is a color used for professional sites and to represent the sea and the sky. Many website design software products do .e .plete with color picking options, helping you make an informed decision on the colors that will stand out and really make a positive impact on your website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: