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Advertising In our first installment of tips on how to sell, we covered three different techniques on building a large, yet reputable client base. Now that you have a solid client base, filled with plenty of contact information, email addresses, names, phone numbers etc., it is now time to close the deal. The art of selling, and it is an art form (if you do not think so, you should see some really good professionals in action), is one that takes time to master. With the right tools, techniques, training and mentors, you will be landing those big deals before you know it. In this article we are going to cover two techniques that you should be able to use to close your deal. Closing the sale is one of the most difficult parts of being a salesperson, and of course, the most important. If you have ever gone to buy a car and you are working with a salesperson, have you ever had them "go get their manager"? That’s because the manager is better at closing the sale. If they were better at it, there would be no need for them to get the manager, or they would be the manager themselves. If you want to learn how to close, there is no better way then to ask the pros who do it now. Joan McCarty a Travel Agent in Florida says, "Since most of my clients book their cruises 12 to 18 months in advance, I close the sale by offering an EZ Pay Plan." She says this plan allows her clients to slowly pay for their vacation over time in smaller monthly increments. So imagine you are a customer and you and your family are looking to book that super family fun vacation but it will run you about $5,000. This is an amount which is a lot of money, and even seems like a lot more because you do not have it right now. Now imagine if someone like Joan came along and offered for you to pay for the vacation in smaller monthly installments until the date your trip is set to depart. Sounds like a better more reasonable way of doing it, and guess what, Joan just made a huge sale. This is a good technique for a lot of people to use in both selling products and services. Offer your clients and customers and easy monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly payment plan (which ever is more appropriate for you) so they can buy your product or hire your service without laying down all of the money up front. I am sure you have heard of insurance companies that not only show you their rates, but the rates of their competitors. This is another good closing technique. Its a way for you to say, "here is what I am offering, and here is what the other guy is offering." It gives your prospective customer a visual comparison of what they will be getting by doing business with you and with the other guy. Lets say you are selling a widget for $30, and your competitor is also selling widgets for $30. Most people would just lower the price to beat out their competitor, but in turn you would have to sell more widgets. If the product is priced right, then you should keep it where it is, but give the buyer a visualization as to why your widget is better than theirs. You will have to apply this to your specific needs for your business, product or service, but you get the point. These are just two of the many ways to close your sale. Try and adapt them to your needs, so you can start applying them today. By: Bruce A. Tucker About the Author: 相关的主题文章: