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Universal venture capital funds on the A-share insurance companies to invest in capital markets to accelerate the exposure of sina fund A platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Venture capital A shares recently increased efforts to placards. From the previous Qianhai life insurance, Ampang insurance shot shortly after September 18th, A shares released Yili announcements, September 14th sunshine insurance group through its sunshine life and sunshine insurance companies a total stake of more than 5%, thus triggering two secondary market placards. Daily economic news reporter noted that in recent years, the rapid growth in premiums, while many insurance companies to accelerate investment in the capital market. Wind data show that in the first half of this year, nearly a hundred insurance firms in the A-share market A, a total of 612 listed companies invested, as of the semi annual report, a total of 72 billion 838 million shares held.   small and medium-sized insurance companies active statistics show that the insurance companies involved in investment not only China Life Insurance, China Ping An, Xinhua Life Insurance and other large insurance companies, there are Qianhai life insurance, China Life Insurance and other small and medium enterprises. From the point of view of the number of Listed Companies in the investment, China Life – individual dividend investment 118, topped the list, followed by China life insurance products, to invest in a total of 59 companies. Worthy of attention is the universal insurance fund investment proportion, including Jun Kang life insurance, China Life Insurance, life insurance, Taikang Life, Fuld Qianhai life insurance company, were used to universal insurance investment A shares of listed companies. From insurance companies placards, small insurance firms are more active. Statistics show that since last year, Qianhai life insurance, China Life Insurance, Ampang insurance, financial life and other insurance companies were placards A shares over 50 listed companies. Specifically, Ampang insurance placards has more than and 10 companies, home life insurance placards 12 companies. In addition, the financial life Jupai 5, hundred years of life 2, Guohua life 8, Jun Kang Renshou 7, China Life 11.   "asset shortage" under the scramble for     why venture capital so active this year? The investment department of an insurance company official told reporters, on the one hand is the premium of rapid growth, the first quarter of this year, the premium income growth of over 40%, on the other hand, in a low interest rate environment, risk capital to seek better asset allocation. Reporters noted that the implied rate of return of 4.5% of insurance has been more prominent in the low interest rate environment. Data show that the rate of return financial products since 2014 has dropped 2 percentage points, now 6 months of financial products yield around 3.8% by the end of 2013, 6% of the high yield market no longer continue; secondly the high-yield currency funds no longer, the Internet baby class products after a period of explosive growth of the rapid expansion at present, gradually into the stable period, yields have fallen stable at around 2.5%; bond yields also fell below the 3% mark, 10 year bond yields fell to 2.84%. The rate of return on insurance compared to the fixed income category is relatively high, universal insurance annualized yield of up to 4.5%, the insurance pointed out that the previous theory相关的主题文章: