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Relationships ———- For those of you who are married I am sure you will agree that a wedding anniversay is a time of reflection on memories both fond and not so fond. Despite this however you have to buy a gift for your spouse or else face his or her wrath for another year. In almost every country and in every culture there is a celebration attached to couples achieving specific milestones in their marriage. Naturally this is measured in years and each year has a special stone or material associated with it. For instance 25 years of marriage is regarded as the Silver Wedding anniversary after a story emanating out of Middle Europe. Also 50 years is known as the Golden Wedding anniversary, where this came from is anyone’s guess. There are currently two Diamond anniversaries celebrated, one at the traditional anniversary after 75 years of marriage. However in 1897 Queen Victoria celebrated her 60th anniversary since be.ing Queen, and thus, 60 also became accepted as a Diamond anniversary. There is also a 100th anniversary, for those devoted souls dedicated enough to live to it, however, the longest recorded marriage survived for 81 years. Of course every single year of marriage is considered to be a milestone and an appropriate gift must be given. While many people still flow along the traditional lines of wedding anniversaries, modern gift ideas have been taking a step forward. Other anniversary ideas can take the shape of hampers and gift baskets. Hampers may include a variety of things from fine wine to champagne and crystal champagne glasses, or chocolates on antique silverware or dishes. Gift baskets are a great way to personalise the gift you give the married couple. Gift baskets can be personal by filling it with items that bring back old memories, such as a pair of sunglasses, or an old toy that was special in times past. And gift baskets can also be sensual. Bath oils, scented candles and aromatic body lotions make perfect anniversary gift baskets. So go ahead and get that perfect gift for that special someone or two. ———- About the Author: 相关的主题文章: