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.puters-and-Technology If you have never purchased an uninterruptible power supply before, you may be thrown for a loop, left wondering what you need. Here we provide a broad outline of the various types of uninterruptible power supplies on the market. The following should, hopefully, make the process a little easier for the new UPS buyer. So lets say you want to outfit yourself with a UPS system in order to protect against power outages, spikes and so forth. Thats an excellent decision on your part, but what type of UPS unit do you need? Essentially, there are three levels of need for UPS systems. Home A home UPS users needs are typically the least demanding. Generally, all you need is something to make sure your .puter stays on for a few extra minutes in the event of inconsistencies with your primary power supply. Just long enough to save whatever you were doing on your PC and shut it down safely without worrying about losing any data or frying the motherboard. As a home UPS user, you also have more options than anyone else when it .es to buying backup power, as there are literally thousands of products available for this purpose. Of course, some are more reliable than others. Business A typical business owner or managers needs from their UPS unit are similar to that of a home user, although a bit more demanding. You are going to need to supply uninterruptible power to not just one .puter, but several, or else to a wireless network. In any event, you will need something just a bit more heavy duty than the UPS systems marketed at the home .puter user. You can expect to pay a little more than the home user, but you should also consider the fact that a UPS system for your business is actually much more of an investment than a simple convenience. Industrial Industrial UPS is the most niche market and the most demanding. Rather than simply keeping a .puter or a series of work stations up and running, an industrial UPS is usually tasked with the job of maintaining power for an entire building. To put this into perspective, much of the support for the industrial UPS market .es from hospitals, where there is a need for power to constantly be on in order to curb any safety and health risks. Typically, an industrial UPS system will be based on a pre-existing unit, but will have to be customized to an extent when it .es to installation and integration. Each building and business will require a different level of backup, so industrial UPS is a difficult thing to mass produce. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: