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Treasure the 2016 annual list of maternal – Sohu double eleven, buy buy buy is inevitable. In order to let my mother buy children love books are better, the original plan unveiled at the Shanghai exhibition of children’s books list released in advance. The first thing I look like is really like. Kate Greenaway Award nomination in 2016 · works of classic snow wonderful tribute, the perfect combination of poetry and picture story. Todd, 52, ·, who has conquered 4-6 year old children, as well as their teachers and parents, with fun fun, brightly colored illustrations and easy to understand expressions. In today’s competition in the whirlpool of perfectionism, Parr is clearly declared: the color painted on the outside of the line does not matter, like the explosion does not matter, and sometimes feel lonely does not matter. This book helps children to establish self-confidence, self-esteem and the correct concept of error, so that children feel at ease, brave to explore new things, the development of self-awareness. With an open mind to embrace life in a small accident, the error into a good opportunity to guide children to find themselves. The milk spilled never mind you can always clean up Toni · the story of Ross, to read more classic fairy tales readers, each of deja vu, but each one is new — this is because they are a restatement of the classic fairy tales. The magic of autumn joyful, star magic reverie, perfect combination of poetry and picture story. The British classic poems known to every family with full of inspiring wonderful illustrations, creating a stunning masterpiece of autumn. Suitable reading age: 3-7 years according to the sky on my head, the book all of these signs are opposite, and I haven’t had a Halloween, so I to the holiday interest is limited, but this book is really great! It makes me remember. First of all, it’s really beautiful. When I woke up this morning, I saw the stars on the cover. At the same time, the picture is full of modern sense of "do not give sugar trick" story and another story against each other, resulting in a very good effect. It’s a great way to get rich language and poetry into the kids’ lives. The story is everywhere. Help children find the source of inspiration and narrative exit, each child can become a master story. Public school teacher of creative writing courses in New York combined with the teaching practice, carefully crafted writing enlightenment books. Age: 3+ years old this book emphasizes the importance of oral narrative, beautiful and fascinating details of watercolor and color lead painting, and the story text complement each other. A mild demonstration with a bit of novel and unique story may be just what the young writers need to sprout and grow. In the end of the story, "Ralph’s writing skills" and "the works of Ralph" are very enlightening. A book about sharing with respect to the life education picture book. Let the children know that apart from "this is mine", sharing is also very good. Suitable reading age: 2-5 this is an easy experience with children to share the fun of the picture. No childhood.相关的主题文章: