The Xu Yuyu case has been solved, but also can manage telecommunications fraud superrecovery

The "Xu Yuyu" case has been solved, but also can manage telecommunications fraud? School season, the two telecommunications fraud into "deadly phone": Linyi Luozhuang girl Xu Yuyu received a telephone fraud, report to the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications soon she cheated 9900 yuan tuition. Alarm on the way home, she suddenly cardiac arrest, died after the rescue invalid. A few days later, Shandong City, Linshu County sophomore Song Zhenning is also in the face of telecommunications fraud, died of cardiac arrest. At present, the frequent telecommunications fraud case has been solved. The main suspect Zheng Moumou (male, 29 years old, Fujian Quanzhou people), Huang Moumou (male, 26 years old, Fujian Quanzhou people) and other 2 people were arrested, the other suspects are being pursued. Another Linshu Song Zhenning deception detection work made significant progress, has been locked 2 suspects, arrest and related work in progress. In the case of Xu Yuyu Telecom fraud, one of the phone calls is section 171. Section 171 virtual operators – far special communications, said the number of users has been the real name registration, and the information submitted to the police to help lock suspects. Regulation, the Ministry said in August 25th, has carried out the verification work has been verified the number one is much special communication technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd., a number of the China Unicom, according to the investigation involved two numbers were registered user name information. MIIT has been verified by the relevant user registration information and other information in accordance with the statutory procedures in a timely manner to the public security organs. MIIT will implement the real name system as a virtual operator to expand the scope of business, increase the number of code resources, the issuance of a formal business license of a veto. In the implementation of its rectification in place, will not be approved by its business, code number with nuclear, expand the scope of business and other related approval. For rectification ineffective, repeated violations, the Ministry will resolutely investigate and deal with the law, until the cancellation of its relevant qualifications. In fact, not the real name registration to buy 170, paragraph 171 phone card is not difficult. In the vicinity of the South Third Ring Road, Beijing, a mobile phone retail card, the sign reads, handle various types of mobile phone cards, package business". NetEase reporter asked whether there is no 170, paragraph No. 171 phone number to sell? The boss readily responded with booth". He told reporters that only section 170, paragraph No. 171 sold well not sell. Do not need to buy this card real name registration, usually sold to acquaintances, you do not say everywhere on the line, the boss told the NetEase reporter, this card can not buy a regular business hall. In Taobao, query 170 mobile card keyword, then dozens of cards to sell business card. In a shop, the "mobile phone card" marked "no monthly 170 mobile phone card, the monthly sales of 1455 pens for display. Shop customer service, said the store to sell the 170 paragraph of the mobile phone card 28 yuan a piece, are formal channels, there are tens of thousands of pieces, and does not require authentication, you can directly use the card". In the vicinity of the ShangHai Railway Station, a telephone card business hall, you can buy a 171 paragraph of the beginning of the phone card, with the purchase with the play, do not need any documents. "This is the virtual operators, and ordinary mobile phone use, also can register alipay. You use this transfer, Alipay can not find you." The store said.相关的主题文章: