The United States also provided five U.S. Defense Threat Russia and China ranked first in second

The United States also provided five U.S. Defense Threat: Russia and China ranked first in second according to the Russian satellite network reported on August 27th, U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton · Carter 26, in his speech in Russia and China listed as the five challenges facing the United States before two, ahead of North Korea, Iran and the terrorist organization Islamic state. Carter to support the reserve members of the employer awarded "prize for freedom of speech said:" at present we shoulder the great responsibility of national and global global power and global interests are facing growing challenges at least 5: first is to use against Russia’s aggression and violence, especially in europe." The second challenge, he says, is "to deal with a historic shift in the region’s critical region, which accounts for half of the world’s population, and is responsible for half of the world’s economy." He said: China’s growth is a good thing, its aggressive behavior is not." Carter listed next challenge is North Korea, Iran, the terrorist organization Islamic state in the end. Carter pointed out that must be "in response to North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile challenges to enhance strength, effect of aggressive behavior monitoring in Iran and Iran to the Persian Gulf, and the fight against terrorism, overcome the" Islamic state "would become more intense." He also warned that the United States should be prepared to deal with the unknown future, along with the threat.相关的主题文章: