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Parenting Like many parents, I was overwhelmed and intimidated when embarking upon the potty training process. Have you actually spent time surfing the web to find advice, books, and tips about potty training?" A search on Yahoo for the keywords "toilet training" yields more results than you could ever have enough time to review. There were toilet training books on Amazon… There were downloadable potty training books. There were "guaranteed" training programs costing upwards of $39.99! I found expert opinion about why to train early, advice about why to train late, and advice that just did not make sense at all. I did not find what I was looking for. I was looking for an easy, cookbook-style, and short training method. I wanted something so straightforward that I could even have a checklist or flow-chart to follow. I became convinced that nothing like that existed -but only after hours and hours of research. My next step was to go ahead and invest in some of the products I mentioned above. I spent $19.99 on a "train in three days" system online. I spent another $25.00 on books on Amazon.. regarding toilet training. A couple of days into my training efforts, I got stuck and needed even more assistance, so I spent another $19.99. It seemed to me that there just had to be an easier and more straightforward way. Finally, I was successful and my daughter was toilet trained! It was exhausting work and I felt like I had actually conquered the challenge – but only after hours and hours and hours of research and frustration. My final training program was a .bination of doing preliminary activities, the "potty training in a day" methods, the timer method, and the "Naked and $75" method. It seemed like every one of the methods had a downside of some kind. For example, the "Train in a Day" methods did no preliminary work – your toddler is supposed to just give up diapers one day with absolutely no warning! I took the best and most logical advice from each toilet method and .bined them all together. My daughter was young when I trained her – only twenty months old. I was asked countless times how I managed to toilet train before the age of two. I came to the realization that I should write it all down. I spent hours of my time and a lot of my own money to get this point. I wanted to be able to share my newfound "expertise" with other moms. Thus, "Boot Camp Potty Training" was written! "Boot Camp Potty Training" is a brief (15 page), to-the-point, step-by-step potty training method. Everything I learned over countless hours is condensed into a book that is readable in less than thirty minutes. The Book includes a shopping list, a flow-chart, and easy to follow instruction manual. It breaks down the training process into what to do on a daily basis – one step at a time. In addition, The Potty Training Boot Camp will not bore you with a lot of theory – only practical and logical advice. Imagine your child enlisted, trained, and free of diapers within a week! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: