The students get an identity card within 5 days of receiving them shall be re Accreditation (video)-tsumori chisato

The students get an identity card within 5 days of receiving them shall be re accreditation original title: college entrance examination does not have to get an identity card to provide faster service for the urgent need for Changsha police certificate students, 5 working days to receive Changsha evening news recently, the Changsha ID certificate window replacement peak ushered in the senior high school students. In order to avoid getting together, yesterday, the Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau population and exit and entry management detachment issued a reminder message: the registration of students before the college entrance examination in January 2015 is not to be replaced. Hunan Provincial Education Examination Yuan announced the "2017 common college examination registration work notice" requirements "registration shall be submitted for examination of second generation ID card (that permit time not earlier than January 2015), resulting in some schools and parents of students to understand before January 2015 do ID all need to be replaced, even school students focus on notice to the public security organs to apply for identity cards, resulting in unnecessary waste of manpower, material and financial resources. The relevant education examination Changsha, responsible person, before January 2015 for the resident identity card is not can use, but for some ID NO fingerprint information, visa expired and great changes due to plastic surgery, myopia and other appearance of several kinds of special students need to obtain a permit, the other in the period of validity the second generation ID card can be normally used for. Changsha City Public Security Bureau population and immigration detachment responsible person, the Changsha ID certificate window has opened a green window, providing students with student ID or school certificate, the public security organs in charge of the case, to provide services for the urgent need for the accelerated certificate students, to ensure that within 5 working days of licensing. (Changsha evening news reporter Nie Yingrong correspondent Kong Yi) video recommendation: college students forgot to bring ID card, traffic police only eight minutes for their household registration certificate

高考生换身份证可5日内领取 整容者须重新办证原标题:高考生并非都要换身份证 长沙警方为急需用证的学生提供加快服务,5个工作日内可领证长沙晚报讯 近期,长沙各身份证办证窗口迎来高三学生换证高峰期。为避免扎堆办证,昨日长沙市公安局人口与出入境管理支队发布提醒信息:高考报名学生2015年1月之前所办的身份证并非都要更换。湖南省教育考试院公布的《2017年普通高等学校考试报名工作的通知》要求“报名时须交验本人第二代居民身份证(建议办证时间不早于2015年1月)”,造成部分学校和学生家长理解为2015年1月之前所办的身份证全部需要更换,甚至有学校通知学生集中到公安机关重新办理身份证,造成不必要的人力、物力和财力浪费。长沙市教育考试院相关负责人介绍,2015年1月之前办理的居民身份证并非都不能使用,而是针对部分身份证没有采集指纹信息、身份证有效期过期和因整容、近视矫正等容貌发生巨大变化的几类特殊情况的学生需要重新办证,其他在有效期的第二代居民身份证仍可正常报名使用。长沙市公安局人口与出入境支队负责人介绍,长沙各身份证办证窗口已开通绿色窗口,学生提供学生证或学校证明,公安机关在不加收费用的情况下,为急需用证的学生提供加快服务,确保5个工作日内领证。(长沙晚报 记者 聂映荣 通讯员 孔奕)视频推荐: 高考生忘带身份证 交警仅八分钟为其开出户籍证明相关的主题文章: