The official three weeks issued four warning off funds to the virtual reality and restrain asset bub pretty rhythm

The official three weeks issued four warning off funds to the virtual reality and restrain asset bubbles within three weeks of the official issued four warning funds off the real to the imaginary: inhibition of the asset bubble source: surging news in October 30th, reproduced the people’s Daily Overseas Edition of RMB solution read "China monetary policy keywords are still sound" in this paper, again referred to alert "off the virtual reality". This is also since October 10th of this year, the official media for the vigilance of funds from real to virtual fourth sound. In the thesis, the past China economic growth is high, capital investment in all walks of life have a good profit; and now the economy has entered a new period of power conversion, the overall return rate of investment stage decreased, the scarcity of capital is no longer outstanding. In this context, the capital is easy to take off the real to virtual, and thus affect the realization of monetary policy objectives. The article quoted Zhao Xijun, vice president of the school of finance, Renmin University of China, said, with the continuous development of the economy, the economic entity and the virtual part of the boundaries are also increasingly blurred. ‘in reality there is virtual, virtual reality’ is becoming a new normal. In the real estate industry as an example, is on the ground for business or residential buildings in the traditional concept, belongs to the scope of the real economy, but if excessive influx of funds and real estate speculation, so obviously there is more the taste of virtual economy." In July this year, Xinhua News Agency’s "Economic Reference News" issued a document that the real estate bubble test of the wisdom of the government. The article mentioned a phenomenon is "off into the imaginary real, refers to negative interest rates even at low rates, and no funds will be Everfount into the real economy, but there are quite a few to enter the financial market. This situation has led to the weak growth of the real economy, but also makes economic growth is not beautiful, the stock market, the property market is unusually hot. This phenomenon is the upgrade in September of this year, with the number of listed companies through the sale of real estate to achieve performance gains and losses even after thickening of Paul shell, the property market is hot and the real economy is difficult in stark contrast. "People’s Daily" and the "Economic Information Daily" in October 10th and in October 12th has published an article on the alert off the real into the room". "People’s Daily" published in the "do not let off the real funds into the real" put forward, the social capital pool is so big, if the water poured into the real estate industry, it will cause the crowding out effect on the real economy. There is not enough money, the real economy to innovation and development, is likely to be weak, which led to the decrease in employment and income decreased, and speculation is not to create jobs, to offset the impact of each other. What’s more, the essential function of housing is to live, although the price is affected by the money supply, but ultimately rely on the continuous accumulation of population as a support. Lost the absorption of the real economy, the urban population will eventually overflow, the property market boom may be a false prosperity. Like the early Ordos, now most of the northeast city, have been or are experiencing such a heavy blow. "Economic Information Daily" pointed out that the phenomenon of listed companies have sold out the current China’s most distorted side of the economy相关的主题文章: