The number of these WeChat public tragedy came home traffic explosion minus 99% incubus

The WeChat public number miserable home traffic burst by 99% since WeChat suddenly upgrade system, change the interface, WeChat public number two days a big amount of suspected brush on the tragedy, the original motionless on the 100 thousand + visits the worst moment of collapse, leaving hundreds of. I believe we will be very curious, in the end what public number has been affected, the specific impact of how much. Although doing so some cruel, but it is also a rare opportunity to show the truth of the mountain leakage. Marketing planning platform media on the number of these two days, a number of well-known WeChat public number of visits made a detailed statistics, especially the change is very obvious. First of all, in September 28th, WeChat brush tool failure on the same day, the larger the number of reading 157 public numbers. It can be seen that almost all of the visits have declined by more than 60%, and some even reached 98%, 99%, almost equal to the amount of access are all brush out. Especially since the media alliance and investors have cast the number of hardest hit. Then the normal working day, 49 public number only in September 28th did not send (of course, do not rule out other reasons): there is no public number but reading growth: of course, only one day of the data may not be able to explain the problem, there is always a normal fluctuation, the specific situation but also more observations to determine. The following are some of the friends broke the news, we can look at:相关的主题文章: