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The national railway operation chart adjustment between Beijing and Shanghai railroad car high speed will increase the density in September 11th, Zheng Xu high-speed railway officially opened, the national railway has also ushered in a new phase diagram adjustment. After the adjustment of the operating diagram, Beijing Railway Bureau originating, the final train will reach 610 pairs, of which the train through the train of 405 pairs of trains within the tube on the 205. For the first time opened to Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin to Xi’an high-speed rail train. Shanghai to Beijing high-speed rail station car will be encrypted, to meet the demand for passenger travel. Zhengzhou to Xuzhou high-speed railway from Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, Anhui Province, opened by Shangqiu, Dangshan, Xiaoxian, Jiangsu city of Xuzhou Province, a total length of 360 km, located east of Zhengzhou City, North Lan Kaonan, North Shangqiu, South Dangshan, civil rights, Yongcheng north, Xiaoxian north and Xuzhou East 9 station, early operating speed of 300 km. The railway was opened to traffic, will greatly shorten the distance of time and space in the western region of China and the Middle East, and connectivity has been operating in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and Beijing Guangzhou high-speed railway, the high-speed railway network in China to further improve. According to the Beijing Railway Bureau, after the transfer plan, the Beijing Railway Bureau will open for the first time Shijiazhuang Railway Station to ShangHai HongQiao Railway Station high-speed train 1 pairs (G2811 G2812 3 times), the train through the newly opened Zheng Xugao iron. The car runs 7 hours and 11 minutes, compared with the fastest speed of the general speed of more than 4 hours. Beijing Railway Bureau also opened for the first time TianJin West Railway Station to XiAn North Railway Station 2 pairs of high-speed trains, respectively, G1709 G1710 times, G1711 times G1712. High speed rail line, the travel time between Tianjin and Xi’an, from the previous 15 hours to shorten the maximum of 27 hours to 6 hours and 7 minutes, Beijing, Tianjin and exchanges with the northwest region provides great convenience.相关的主题文章: