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The illusion of products: better products will be more successful? We have always stressed that the science and technology Sohu – good user experience, but if you can not meet the needs of users from the root, not to meet the existing demand for new forms, but not for alternative user habits. Better products are not necessarily more successful. On this issue, the first product Google Maps leader Bret Taylor has a very exciting discussion. His conclusion is that in the face of traditional giant companies, if only to do better, better, almost impossible to win. In order to really succeed, we must adopt a new product form to meet the needs of users. Bret Taylor may be the most qualified person to make such a conclusion. He graduated from Stanford University with a master’s degree in computer science. He joined Google in 2003 and was an early leader in Google Maps. After the creation of the famous FriendFeed left Google, was acquired by Facebook in 2009, he was acquired after the Facebook CTO position. 2012 departure, he later founded Quip, which is a document collaboration products, recently acquired by the software service provider salesforce for $582 million, the transaction is incidental part of cash expenditures, the overall acquisition value of $750 million. Such a wealth of product management experience, so that he has a very deep understanding of the product, especially for the growth of start-up companies. Just started to do the product, he is like most people, as long as the product is the best, the other is naturally, that product quality is the key to win the competition. And Google let him further strengthen this view. Google had launched a search engine, many search tools on the market, but the Google search engine is better than the other, and therefore deus ex, embarked on the peak. So, Google’s credo is that the best products always win. Young Google product manager will accept American thinker Emerson’s "the mousetrap theory": if you developed a mousetrap (bait tool) is the best in the world, then you will win the world. (Build a mousetrap beat, and world will a path to your door.): the better But Taylor found that things are not as simple as imagined. Emerson’s famous saying is misleading, and this is not the key to success. Taylor believes that even if your product is the best in the world, it also wins, but rarely because your product is a better product. This is very important for China’s early entrepreneurs, such a unique thinking. Do not focus on the development of the best products, but to learn the system of a more comprehensive view of the product, look at entrepreneurship, look at the relationship between product and entrepreneurial success. Tay)相关的主题文章: