The friction killed jingfangxingju decoration owners due to renovation-fkzww

The friction killed jingfangxingju decoration owners 23 reporter learned from the Longchuan County police in Heyuan city as a result of the renovation, after more than 10 hours of intense case investigation, the local police quickly cracked a case of intentional homicide, the suspect was Wu Mouyong timely arrest and criminal detention. October 21st at 5 pm, Longchuan County Public Security Bureau received a report from the local people and their relatives more than a 20 October afternoon and the family began to lose contact with suspicion for decoration workers Mouyong Wu Mou (male, 40 years old, Longchuan County of Heyuan city) on. Longchuan County Public Security Bureau police immediately arrested in the new premises, Mouyong will more than a decoration, and quickly organized criminal Investigation Brigade, Lonton police set up a task force to carry out detective work. The task force was three Bingfen Road, a road on the Mouyong tushen launched the decoration workers; the way of more than a decoration of the new houses and related sites were careful exploration; the way of combining field multiple paths multiple time video line tracking lock. In front of the law and policy gave strong evidence, the suspect Wu Mouyong soon confessed in October 20th 16 PM, in the owner Yumou new home decoration, decoration and because of an altercation with a hammer and over the killing of the facts of the crime. At present, the suspect Wu Mouyong has been the implementation of criminal detention, the case for further investigation. (reporter Ceng Huanyang)

因装修问题产生摩擦 装修工砸死业主被刑拘记者23日从河源市龙川县警方获悉,经过10个多小时紧张的案情侦查,当地警方快速侦破一宗故意杀人案,犯罪嫌疑人巫某勇被及时抓捕归案并被依法刑事拘留。10月21日凌晨5时许,龙川县公安局接到当地群众报案称,其亲属余某10月20下午和家里开始失去联系,怀疑与替余某装修的工人巫某勇(男,40岁,河源市龙川县人)有关。龙川县公安局立即出警,在余某装修的新房中将巫某勇抓获,并迅速组织刑侦大队、隆东派出所成立专案组开展侦破工作。专案组随即兵分三路,一路对该装修工人巫某勇展开突审;一路对余某装修中的新房及相关场所进行仔细勘查;一路结合现场对多个路径多个时间段视频全线追踪锁定。在强大的法律政策攻心及证据面前,犯罪嫌疑人巫某勇很快交代了于10月20日16时许,在房主余某装修的新房中,因为装修问题与余某发生口角而用铁锤将其杀害的犯罪事实。目前,犯罪嫌疑人巫某勇已被实施刑拘,案件在进一步审理之中。(记者曾焕阳)相关的主题文章: