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The central army maneuvers   target "live fire back" – Military – original title: "the target will live open fire on the afternoon of August 17th," Tongbai mountain hinterland, the central army maneuvers into a live test stage. As the red twentieth army brigade commander Chen Lin, although in the past participated in several live testing, this is a bit more worried about not only to hit, to avoid being destroyed "". According to reports, previous maneuvers, tissue live testing in the final stage, target area will be cleared, director of the Department of goal setting, by firing red, blue just bystanders. Because there is no "enemy" background, focus on the shooting of officers and soldiers in the red weapon hit rate and accuracy, often after a shell after adjusting elements to lay in place, as usual live fire. "Is this the firing on the battlefield? Live fire inspection organization in the exercise, exercise and test is everyone in the combat environment, damage the enemy to preserve their own ability, is not easy to target." In the twentieth group army leader told reporters that the exercise, they take the method of random simulation and the burst point "red and blue Fang to play live data", to guide the blue red simulation "artillery" the shooting, the blue side according to the trajectory and landing, using radar gun positions on the red red. Gun position "back". The reporter saw at the drill site: a successful attack on the blue side after the goal, the red twentieth army brigade commander, Brigadier Zhang Quanjun quickly ordered the artillery organization transfer. A few minutes later, the blue side according to the red side of the line of fire, to the red gun positions, fighting system firepower of the red laser by simulation". "That! Be a little bit slow!" Just transfer to the new gun positions the Red soldiers both scared and glad. The reporter understands, the exercise director of the Department to increase the shooting difficulty, the comprehensive use of solid target, target, target and other radio transmitter simulation set 8 class more than and 400 targets, combined with the process of fighting were shown more than 1 thousand goals, so that live closer to the actual field test. (commissioning editor Huang Zijuan and Yang Mu)相关的主题文章: