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The British responded that Taiwan is the national "petition application – Sohu news [global network reported] Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported in February 5th, according to the" British citizen "launched a petition asking the British government that" Taiwan is a country ", the British government 4 days to respond clearly pointed out that since the establishment of diplomatic relations in Britain in 1972 and, after Chinese for a long time, the British government position is not that" Taiwan is a country". The British government also responded that the Taiwan issue should be resolved through dialogue, and the two sides of the Taiwan Straits people’s view. According to a joint communique in 1972 by the British and Chinese signed, "the British China cognition to the position of Taiwan is a province of People’s Republic of China, and that People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government China." The study by Chapman (Lee Chapman) in January 18th launched a petition case published in the British Parliament website, the petition titled "that Taiwan is a country" (Recognise Taiwan as a country). In the case of the 20 day Petition Petition number exceeded 10 thousand people, the British government must respond in accordance with the provisions of. The British government believes that Taiwan must solve issues through dialogue, which is consistent with the views of people on both sides of the Strait, in recent years in transportation, tourism and trade etc. there are substantial growth, help cross-strait peace and stability, hope that the future trend will continue. The statement further pointed out that Britain has a "robust but unofficial relations" with Taiwan, this bring great benefits to the UK and Taiwan, there are exchanges and visits in the wide-ranging environment, justice and education on. The British government encourages British enterprises to use Taiwan’s booming economy, excellent business environment and work closely with the Asia Pacific Trade and investment links, Taiwan is the sixth big market in the Asia Pacific region, bilateral trade volume in 2014 reached $5 billion 800 million, a record high. In addition, the United Kingdom and Taiwan also have a constructive relationship in multilateral organizations is not based on the national conditions for membership, such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the European bank for reconstruction and development (European Bank of Reconstruction and Development).

英国回应“承认台湾是国家”连署申请-搜狐新闻  【环球网综合报道】台湾“中央社”2月5日报道称,针对“英国公民”发动连署要求英国政府承认“台湾是一个国家”,英国政府4日回应明确指出,自1972年英国与中国大陆建交后,英国政府长久以来的立场是不承认“台湾是个国家”。   英国政府也回应表示,台湾问题应通过对话加以解决,与台湾海峡两岸人民的观点一致。   根据1972年英国与中国签署的联合公报,“英国认知到中国的立场,台湾是中华人民共和国的一省,并承认中华人民共和国是中国唯一合法的政府。”   这项由柴普曼(Lee Chapman)于1月18日发起的连署案公布在英国国会网站,连署文的标题为“承认台湾是一个国家”(Recognise Taiwan as a country)。连署案在20日连署人数突破1万人,英国政府依规定必须回应。   英国政府认为,台湾议题必须透过对话解决,这符合两岸人民的看法,近年来两岸在交通运输、观光旅游及贸易往来等方面有大幅成长,有助于两岸和平与稳定,希望这样的趋势未来能延续。   声明进一步指出,英国与台湾有“稳健但非官方”的关系,这个关系为英国与台湾带来重大的利益,在环境、司法及教育等议题上有广泛的交流与互访。   英国政府鼓励英国企业利用台湾蓬勃发展的经济、优良的商业环境及与亚太地区密切的贸易与投资连结,台湾是英国在亚太地区第6大市场,2014年双边贸易额达到58亿英镑,创下历史新高。   此外,英国与台湾在不以国家为入会条件的多边组织也有建设性的关系,例如世界贸易组织(WTO)和欧洲复兴开发银行(European Bank of Reconstruction and Development)。相关的主题文章: