The battle of Mosul into the sixth day war correspondent was shot

The battle of Mosul into the sixth day war correspondent was shot in October 22nd, about 20 kilometers into the Iraqi army soldiers in Iraq in eastern Mosul Batelacun. Xinhua News Agency Mosul Iraq campaign to enter the sixth day, the Iraqi forces are still at war outside of Mosul and the extremist organization Islamic state armed. The Associated Press reported that there have been two local television cameras in Iraq reported in the course of the campaign was shot. Reporters were killed Iraqi government forces and Kurdish armed forces composed of 22 to the south of Mosul, the bottom of the Griess River basin. Iraqi television day Su Mariano posted on the official website of a Short Message cameraman Ali · said, the TV station; Rai near the southern Mosul Shu Shan in La Cun reported, was hit by a sniper killed after chest. Just the day before, another Iraqi television reporter Ahmad · Hadjer Oulu reports in the Islamic state on the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk by the Islamic state sniper shot. Mosul is located in northern Iraq, is the capital of Nineveh, Iraq’s second largest city. June 2014, Islamic state armed occupation of the city and declared the founding of the people’s Republic of china". The battle of Mosul on the morning of 17 officially started, the Iraqi government forces and Kurdish militants launched fierce attacks on the Islamic state, journalists reported in the army. Approaching Mosul US Secretary of defense Ashton · 22 Carter arrived in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi and Heidelberg · and the Iraqi army commander met to discuss the details of the attack in Mosul. In this battle, the United States to provide air support for Iraqi forces and as consultants. The Associated Press reported that the Iraqi military said, the ninth division had advanced to 20 km south of Mosul ham Dania Town, the town government compound after raising the flag back. But in the Iraqi forces around the town of Dania Hamm, still being Islamic state resistance. Ham Dania is believed to uninhabited Town, the Islamic state armed personnel buried in a large number of mines in the town. Iraqi troops earlier this week, the liberation of Mosul, 15 km east of the town of Tara Barr, but also in the vicinity of resistance. The Islamic state of 22 militants in Baltimore around Tara, Iraqi forces to launch rockets, Iraqi special forces to fight back then. Distraction on the other hand, the Islamic state as Iraqi forces scattered attention, 21 in Mosul, 180 kilometers southeast of the capital of Kirkuk Province, Kirkuk City, causing both attacks, at least 24 people were killed and 12 injured. Iraqi police said on the 21 day, Kirkuk city suffered the Islamic state militants, militants launched Dutch act bombing attacks, the rest of the militants and the police and security forces in fierce fighting. Islamic state militants attacked a power plant in northern Kirkuk, killing 13 workers, including 4 Iran people. Iraqi Kurdish armed forces are currently in control of the city, commander radar Latif · Sheikh ·, 22, said the Islamic state sniper and social相关的主题文章: