The Allure Of Mlm And Why The Failure Rate Is So High-didadi

Business Since my mid twenties I have been smitten by the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing or network marketing) bug. It was attractive to me because I could leverage my efforts with the help of other people. Well, that and the fact that I felt the products were better and at a better price than what one could find elsewhere. However, there was one main obstacle I was not good at Perhaps more than one, but who’s counting. “Other people.” Yes, I was not good at attracting other people because I was not outgoing enough, and to succeed in MLM back then one needed to be outgoing or know a few people who were outgoing and ride on their coat tails. Another thing I was not good at was asking other people for help. I might also point out that back then there was no Inter. and I could not use that leverage to succeed at MLM. Today, it is a much different story. I can leverage the Inter., leverage people and leverage my time and be successful. But there is one major problem with that and that is why 98% of the people who join a MLM business do not succeed. They do it all wrong. They follow the advice of their upline who say to do it this way and that way because their upline does it that way and “Hey, look at how successful they are.” I don’t do MLM any more, not because I do not believe it is a very good tool for Joe Average to build a better life for himself. (Ladies, forgive me for speaking in the male voice, after all I am male. I could have said Josephine Average, Joe’s wife, but statistics show that more women succeed at MLM than men.) I have just moved on to more interesting things, for me. OK, what do the 2% of successful MLMers do that the other 98% do not do? First, they have a huge list of contacts. Second, they set up a system to reach their list, to relate to their list, to encourage their list and to educate their list. The one thing they do not say is how to build that list in the first place. In the old days it was done by the phone and in face-to-face contact. Today it is done over the Inter.. The 2%ers have their own website and they use various techniques to get people to their website to sign up for their newsletter. In other words, to be part of their list. They then start building the relationship. Up until just a few years ago it was too expensive to have and build your own website. That has all changed. However, the one main missing ingredient is most people are not good at building a website and driving traffic and they don’t want to take the time to learn how. That too has been solved because there are systems and scaffolding and collaboration that now makes that all a very real possibility and cost effective. More on this later. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: