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Marriage-Wedding It is a .mon fact that modernization has seeped into everyone’s life in some way or the other. If it is to the level that the traditional customs and rituals are still maintained and the modernization is adapted within it then it is most wel.e. One such example is the marriage ceremony. When we talk of Marriage Bangladesh is the country that .es to one’s mind immediately where people are highly traditional but have tactfully absorbed certain modernization keeping the tradition in tact. In Marriage, Bangladesh stands at one of the top 10 countries, where marriage is a colorful and traditional affair with loads of rituals and fun fare. If we take a look at some of the rituals it would be surprising how they have a thoughtfulness blended with usefulness in their tradition and at the same time have given in to flexible changes too. Ghotokos to Online Matchmaking – As per the tradition, friends or relatives act as Ghotokos or matchmakers to find a suitable match for the girl or the boy. Today, the Online Matchmaking is fast overtaking this tradition. The parents and families of the girls and boys too are this change with open arms as they find it to give a wider range of choice and better and detailed understanding of the match. Modern Outfit but with the traditional touch – The bride’s sari’s have been replaced by Lehengas which are more fashionable and .fortable. But these do not loose their original tradition and the prints, designs and gorgeousness found in the traditional wedding sari can be seen in these Lehengas too. The traditional red colored costume has found various variations like maroon, orange etc. which doesn’t restrict it to be a one time use and can be worn in other parties and functions too. Some grooms also prefer to wear western suit but mostly during the reception and the traditional sherwanis .e with a tang of modern designs. Traditional Bengali feast to modern Continental – The traditional fish curry, roasted varieties and desserts are still persistent. But along with this there are additions and expansions of food varieties that include Indian, Continental and Chinese. This is mostly done keeping in view the guests which were earlier from within the .munity and in and around villages but now .e from various parts of the world to attend the marriage in the modern times. Ritualizing to socializing – Marriage is basically a ritualistic affair which has today turned into a socialized affair. Many rituals like Mehendi ki Rasm, Gaye holud (Turmeric Ceremony) are today found to be more of a relaxed social gathering pushing behind the prominence of rituals. While major ones are followed with a good gathering and in public some are followed in a quiet manner. There is a fear that some of these may fade into oblivion and forgotten by the future generations. But .ing to an overall conclusion we can say that there is a change in the functions of Marriage Bangladesh follows but there is no total switchover. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: