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Tencent COO Ren Yuxin: VR open platform small program will reduce the threshold of development – Sohu technology intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom) for | April news today, 2016 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference "held in Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition center. In the main forum held in the morning, chief operating officer Ren Yuxin Tencent issued a "open up" into the early potential share of the keynote speech, the Tencent will launch the VR open platform soon he said, following the flow open, open technology, public record service capability opening, technical ability to further open the Tencent. In addition, Ren Yuxin said that many people pay close attention to WeChat launched a small program, will further reduce the developer’s threshold. Ren Yuxin said that after the first step of the second step flow open, open platform to Tencent technology ability to open up, such as Tencent, QQ platform, WeChat public cloud public platform, so developers through custom development simple can realize the idea of their own business. Ren Yuxin said, the Tencent open registration of entrepreneurs has more than 6 million, of which 30 companies have been among the listed companies, the total income of all entrepreneurs, over the past five years of entrepreneurial companies obtained from the Tencent open platform of more than RMB 16 billion yuan. The following Tencent open platform mainly around two aspects. The first one is about the creation of space, according to reports, the past two years has been successfully opened 18, there are already planning to sign the 12. Cooperation projects, such as cooperation with Shanghai to do the financial public, and Hengdian to do a variety of film and television to create, Jinhua to do a network of public record, Guangzhou do medical record. In addition, Tencent in the Internet industry to consider the idea of doing public space to bring to other industries. Second is the impact of new technologies on the Internet open platform. Ren Yuxin stressed that if we have a significant impact on the Internet will be listed new technologies, there must be VR and AI." Ren Yuxin said, the Tencent a year in the past in the accumulation of technology, hope that in the near future, when the mature technology and product experience to meet the requirements, VR platform, VR program will be introduced to the market Tencent, Tencent will launch a VR open platform. In terms of AI, AlphaGo and Li this year? The duel is of concern, but AI at home and abroad, many Internet Co are already doing technical reserves, the Tencent will not be absent in the past few years, the Tencent has been developing their own AI technology in accumulation and. These technologies have been widely used in the past Tencent launched products, whether it is a social platform or content platform, including search and advertising services, are using AI technology. Therefore, the future of Tencent open platform plans to launch more closely related with the AI innovative products, the AI technology to provide entrepreneurs through the open platform. It may not take too long to be able to facilitate the idea of AI brewing clear to all developers about our ideas." According to reports, the 2016 Tencent Global Partner Conference held in Fuzhou, No. 23, two days in 22, Tencent Inc executives, Tencent Inc partners and a large number of guests from home and abroad will be invited to do and share. * * *.相关的主题文章: