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Target chief marketing officer Jeff Jones Uber will serve as the first president of the Tencent Francisco, according to Bloomberg, the taxi originator Uber has hired large US retailers in Taghit (Target) chief marketing officer Geoff Jones (Jeff Jones) responsible for the important work of the company’s global operations, marketing and customer support etc.. Jones will become the first president of the Uber, its position after the CEO Travis Kalanick (Travis Kalanick), Uber number two. In addition, Jones will replace Uber CEO, the first director Ryan Graf J (Ryan Graves) into the board of directors of the company. Graf J will continue to be responsible for human resources, and other new business express delivery. Uber’s top positions are held by a veteran of the company, this situation caused by the senior personnel of the company is difficult to retain introduced from the outside. Many executives in the operations team because Uber rattling and get a promotion, for example, currently in charge of the United States and Canada Business Rachel Holt (Rachel Holt), which in 2011 to help Uber enter washington. At the same time, major signings Uber get from outside is often difficult to get reused. Obama’s 2008 campaign director David Pruv (David Plouffe) in 2014 to enter the Uber, a senior vice president of policy and strategy, but less than a year, turn and chief counsel for non voting directors. In 2013, Brent Nicks (Brent Callinicos) card from Google (micro-blog) joined Uber as CFO, the only less than two years. Kalanick in a company blog post said: "in the past six months, Ryan and I increasingly believe that our rapid growth in the marketing work more closely with our city operators to combine. Marketing tells a story, the meaning of which is to attract consumers, interact with consumers and retain consumers." Uber is difficult to become a popular brand. Drivers complain publicly about their income, consumers on car cost soaring complaints, and some other policies against the company. Uber co-founder and CEO Karan Nick has angered the regulators and the taxi industry, the company is also affected because of its big mouth. At the same time, competitors make good use of this, Uber in the United States, the biggest competitor Lyft by using pink beard logo to show a friendly gesture. In the Uber operation of each city, which are recruiting drivers, the means is nothing more than advertising and attractive subsidies. In addition to China (not long ago, Uber will be sold in China to the business trip), Uber almost all parts of the world to operate, so most of the company’s marketing work by the local team said. Through the appointment of Jones as president, responsible for the company’s operations, Uber expanding marketing efforts will tend to focus. (compile Eru) promotion: mobile phone will be replaced by VR? VR will be like!相关的主题文章: