Super touch screen keyboard keyboard a key switch, which allows you to double the efficiency of flat pretty rhythm

Large touch screen handwriting keyboard switch, this plate let you double efficiency – Sohu filed a tablet computer technology, most estimates buddy thought is watching movies and playing games, in fact, can be reconciled only flat-panel manufacturers production of toys, small target people are productivity tools. However, due to the input has not been satisfactory, most of the tablet PC is difficult to achieve this goal. But in the recent IFA, Lenovo launched the new YOGA BOOK tablet computer, with a large touch both handwriting and keyboard board, absolute black technology! YOGA BOOK machine using magnesium alloy material, high strength color value is high. The thickest part of the fuselage is only 5.55mm, weight is only 690g, easy to carry and easy to carry. Connection screen and keyboard with three axle shaft chain, rotate back and forth 25000 times all right, also support the 360° rotation. YOGA BOOK the most amazing point is not Yan value, but this large touch panel. The use of a stylus pen on the above writing or painting, the screen is displayed in real time, very convenient. The black technical point is that the pen can replace ink cartridge, the real paper on the touchpad writing or painting, writing or pictures can be synchronized to the screen! After testing, even if the 100 page pad on top, YOGA BOOK can also be a good recognition. In addition to support handwriting, the touchpad can also be a key switch to the keyboard. The keyboard is equipped with a double linear motor, the vibration is covered by the button instead of the whole keyboard, just like typing on the keyboard. Through the unique algorithm, track your habits, even in the middle of the two buttons, can you want to enter the smart to determine what is to reduce the input error, not only black technology are very close to the surface of the touch ~, using Corelle gorilla glass, don’t be afraid to scratch. Parameters, YOGA BOOK using Intel Trail Z8550 Cherry processor, 4GB memory, 64GB storage space. Rear 8 million pixel camera, front 2 million pixel camera. 10.1 inches IPS display with a resolution of 1920*1200. Life time of 15 hours, a day of work, can work overtime. Well, how talking tears ~ YOGA BOOK specially prepared two versions of Windows10 and Android, buddies can choose according to their own needs. ————END————– want it? I send you ah! Here are 5 Lenovo YOGA BOOK tablet computer free! Fee! Send! Get 1 open WeChat, search and pay attention to the public number: extreme fruit nets 2 reply Keywords: Lenovo相关的主题文章: