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Skilled won gold: 10.14 crude asphalt fuel hydrocarbons shortly after the operation, empty single quilt up at this time next week for fear of inflation puzzled Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! WeChat qslj888 investment, just like life, pragmatic, practical. Just as the ship is not panic, only by boat! Risk events continue to emerge, the market trap, this time you need to steer you, otherwise it will inevitably be lost in the vast ocean of the spot market! Years of investment experience down, seen or heard the "bull market" and "expert" numerous, ten times twenty times the profit makes them famous, but a CBBC cycle down, they are all silent, but this is not the meaning of investment. I remind friends must remember to do their own investment investment intention: to make a small loss, steady profit, pocket for security! Crude oil market analysis and outlook operation: from the daily view day oil short oil prices counter to stabilize above the $50 mark, but today in the bull support oil prices once again hit $51 mark, currently running on the K Bollinger band rail above and through the 5 day moving average rose MA5, MA10 average pay MACD run, MACD index in the 0 axis near the intersection of MACD run, red column kinetic energy shrinkage weakened, random index down, see high oil prices in 5, 10, 20 above average continued to rise from four hours online, MA5 MA10 on average $50.25 at MACD running on the MACD index in the 0 axis above MACD run, red was weak of volume volume, bear trend exhausted; and see the bull trend is more obvious at this hour online, prices under difficult to force waiting for the disk to come. In the operation of the idea of the proposed back to do more than the main. (the above suggestions are for reference only, specific to do a single proposal to find the author, the author give the real-time WeChat qslj888) crude oil asphalt single release: how beautiful a few hours last night oil wave concussion to 23:00 crude oil, after the rapid reversal, a wave of tension, this process, certainly believe that prices will continue to fall and friend single approach free. The market unexpected reversal, while oil prices upward momentum enough, hit a high of $50.57. The empty single quilt of friends, and has yet to release a friend, certainly is a relatively deep. This quilt single friends, do not worry, to maintain a good attitude, after all, this has become a fact, now the key is to think of a way to reduce the loss. If you are a single empty warehouse and the point is not too low, then you can wait for the callback and then a small loss of departure, or decisive point cut off after homeopathy. If it is a heavy, I recommend some of the first and then lighten up, located on the current support position 50.30 stops, and 50.8 stop pressure zone. On line prices bearish, but now there are signs of a rebound on the hour, above the average dense area in the range of 50.6-50.8, more than a single interval will be out of this rebound相关的主题文章: