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Advertising Unlike the ordinary layout, web designers have the skills to enhance the appearance of your website and to give it an eye popping outlook. Visitors always like to re-visit a website with some really cool theme and design as .pared to a website that is very poorly designed. To design a killer website, you can also solicit the help of website design .panies that offer you numerous valued services, but at the same time one should avoid the following mistakes which may have a negative impact on your business. Overstuffed Graphics: The most .mon mistake the web designers usually .mit is to stuff all web pages with loads of graphic items which not only seems odd but also makes it difficult for users to quickly decide where to navigate. An overdose of graphics including images and flash also delivers the unprofessional look and reduces the percentage of internal browsing. It also strains on eyes and tires the reader who will unlikely visit your website again. Irrelevant and outdated content: Most of website owners never try to update their content, they ignore the importance of regular updates. Users like to read uptodate topics, latest information and enjoyable content, but if your website content remains unchanged for a long time, it is more likely that you will lose your customers that never like to read out the same old, stale and boring content time and again. Posting articles and news is a great way to engage your potential clients in reading. Slow Loading Times: Now gone the days when there were only few sites which had enjoyed the monopoly of their slow loading time but now the scenario is totally changed. In todays world when internet is bombarded with websites, each acting as a substitute to another site, the visitors have no time to wait for slow pages to load but they instantly close your website page in the browser and look for another site. Its the duty of website design .panies to make pages that have the ability to load faster even at a slower connection to avoid a high visitors bounce rate and it also makes sure that the traffic on your website grows at a relatively fast pace. Expired or Broken Links: Another drawback that damages the reputation of your website are broken links that frustrate visitors when they try to navigate to another page. According to surveys, the broken links are one of main reason to divert visitors on a rivals site and in most cases it makes users angry and they never think of .ing back to your site. The website design .panies also needs to ensure your website is free from expired links and must do necessary steps to remove broken link caches from search engines. Excessive ads and pop-ups: For some website owners, pop-ups and ads are a source of revenue, through which they also manage expenses of their websites. But owners must avoid using extra pop-ups and unnecessary ads that will drive users mad and it will drop the web traffic to a significant level thereby having a negative impact on your online business. About the Author: DesignBuddy’s is the ONLY web design .pany that you will find where you can literally look on throughout the entire process as your work gets done. Not only that, but you also get to interact with the DesignBuddy’s working on your project at any given time. ClientsVision is a quantum leap in terms of how clients interact and work together with the design .pany, and it’s something that no one else has. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: