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Shaanxi ten famous ten famous snacks from the old Shaanxi the taste of love! Shaanxi Tourism – Sohu mentioned food, many do not understand Shaanxi outsiders may be forced to face Meng expression also Shaanxi cuisine? The answer is yes also called Qin Shan cuisine dishes, one of the Chinese regional dishes is not in Chinese 10 cuisine but as Millennium ancient historic city, where dining style self-contained, with strong local characteristics. Shaanxi ten famous 1 gourd-shaped chick,roasted whole chicken recommended: Xi’an restaurant, Guo Du, the old bowl between bamboo gourd-shaped chick,roasted whole chicken gourd-shaped chick,roasted whole chicken is Shaanxi Xi’an Han traditional dishes, began in the Tang dynasty. The production gourd-shaped chick,roasted whole chicken cooked, fried steamer, distinguish between three processes. When the first production put in clean water rinse, clean blood, cooked chicken tied with hemp, to keep the chicken shaping, when the cold water to boil, put chicken, cook for half an hour out, Sheng – bowl, add broth, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, onion, ginger, star anise, cinnamon steamed into the cage. When frying, will burn 80% rapeseed oil heat input steamed whole chicken, with the hand spoon to a chicken is golden yellow, colander remove, drain oil, then the dish on the table, the other with salt and pepper Zuo food xiaodie. The color red, tender crisp skin, fragrant rotten taste, chopsticks to the removal of bone. 2 burned three recommended: Changan food stalls, chef cafe is a very fresh burn with the characteristics of Shaanxi specialty, is a suitable for eating in winter Home Dishes. The main raw materials are: Rice-meat dumplings, fish, pork, vegetables, small mushroom, meat collocation, entrance tender ages. 3 recommendation: Lotus basin Ziyang steamed catering, Xiang Yue Building, formerly Ziyang country steaming basin is originated from Hanvon Ziyang County of Shaanxi Province town of Han famous snacks, legend was founded in the Han Liu Bang period, first stop when the workers gathered the Shaofu Hui dishes, and later developed into the new year’s Eve family reunion dinner on the last dish. This dish is authentic, soup meat color, aroma and taste of alcohol. Ziyang steaming pot, material waste, long time, cumbersome procedures, work stress, slightly later, taste caught, non general region can, when it deserves to become the most distinctive Ziyang traditional dishes. With 4 elbows recommended: Meihua restaurant, elegant Pavilion, Yan fat barbecue dishes with the Guanzhong elbow is a unique local characteristics of Shaanxi Dali Han traditional dishes, belongs to the cuisine of qin. Made of pig foreleg dishes, exquisite workmanship, fire steamed, red Secheng, shaped like a futon, fat but not greasy, thin rather than firewood, chewing taste products, have a distinctive flavour. It is said that in Shaanxi, Dali area, Fengnianguojie. If there is no " with elbows; " this dish is not big. 5 sea cucumber cake recommendation: O Karahiro at " the hoof hoof " where sea cucumber is famous Shaanxi cuisine. About the election materials, coupled with Shaanxi’s unique " Hu " cooking methods, it is winter tonic foods have a unique style. Sea cucumber soft moist, bright red clay pig’s trotters rotten, soup mellow, salty taste. 6 bad meat recommended: Xi’an peach spring hotel, Tang Bo Xiangfu bad meat is the traditional flavor of Shaanxi dishes, also known as steaming meat.相关的主题文章: