September 22nd Ningbo urban rail transit and bus ride free

September 22nd Ningbo urban rail transit and the bus can be free to take a public scan to download a public bicycle rental APP yesterday, the bus travel Awareness Week officially launched. Reporters heard a heavy news: on September 22nd the same day, the public can free ride all urban rail transit and conventional bus lines. From yesterday, a mobile phone rental car APP officially launched a trial run, as long as the fingertips can easily rent the car, no longer do card so troublesome. At present, the APP limits the third district network, the future will gradually cover the whole city. Reporter correspondent     New Year party; storage Pengfei   reporter Cao Sheng Xue       reporter Zhang Peijian photography;   positive release of September 22nd urban rail and bus transportation can free ride yesterday, bus travel Awareness Week activities officially started. The theme of this year’s bus travel publicity week is preferred bus   green travel to encourage the general public to make more use of public transport travel. At present, Ningbo city every day more than 170 people use public transport, bus mobile share rate close to 50%, "four car body" bus system let people travel more convenient. September 22nd is the world car free day, the same day, the public can take all urban rail transit and bus lines free of charge. Specifically: all urban rail transit lines including No. 1 line, line 2 phase, regular bus lines including all bus operation in the area of Haishu, Jiangdong, Jiangbei, Yinzhou, Zhenhai, Beilun City area six. In fact, in Ningbo, subway and bus free ride is not the first time. After 2012 to ease the traffic impact of Typhoon "sea anemone", alleviate the traffic pressure on the city and convenient public travel, has carried out six free bus, a total of 2 million 600 thousand passengers on the bus, passenger traffic increased by about 10%. Mobile phone rental APP consisting of trial operation, need to pay 200 yuan deposit public bike run for three years, the public has 50 million for the lease, rental car for about 89 million 500 thousand times, the highest rental car up to 150 thousand times, the average rent of 110 thousand vehicles. Now, the city has built 1121 public bicycle network, put public bicycle more than 30 thousand. In the past, people need to rent a bike to do the card, then do not bother. Yesterday, the Ningbo public bicycle rental mobile phone APP officially launched a trial run, all public bicycle network covering Haishu, Jiangdong Jiangbei District and the third, the next step will gradually in the promotion of the whole city. The APP called Ningbo citizen card, download the need to register after the first, and the real name verification, after the completion of the application will be able to open the bike on the phone, to achieve a key easy car rental. It should be noted that the public needs to pay 200 yuan of credit margin through the UnionPay platform, in order to open the application function of public bicycles. Then the green account recharge, recharge at least 5 yuan. Ningbo public transport Passenger Traffic Management Bureau official said that at present there are many cities through.相关的主题文章: