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Hongkong scholars: individual members declare "Hong Kong Independence country shame bad original title: Hongkong scholars: individual members elect to declare" Hong Kong Independence as the state law bad information: on October 19th, the Hongkong Legislative Council first – political democratic alliance (DAB) to the Legislative Council demonstration area in protest rally a week before the individual members elect to take the oath of office at the state and national humiliation. China News Agency reporter Tan Daming photo China News Agency, Beijing, October 31 (Zhang Xiaoxi) for the day before Hongkong individual members elect in the Legislative Council sworn openly advocating "Hong Kong Independence", and with national insulting words, many mainland scholars 31 days to accept China News Agency reporter pointed out that the relevant behavior has seriously violated the basic law. The destruction of "one country two systems", if unchecked, will have a more negative impact. In October 12th, the Hongkong Legislative Council members elect individual swearing in ceremony with insulting words called China, and openly display relevant slogan that "Hong Kong independence advocates, even the day strongly condemned Hongkong public opinion. Peking University law school professor, Chinese constitution society vice president Wang Lei pointed out that as the legislature elect members of the Legislative Council of Hongkong, Liang Songheng, two people in the tour Huizhen oath of office, not only in strict accordance with the oath sworn, with insulting the country’s words, this is obviously contrary to the basic law, in violation of "one country two systems" "one country" the premise of the. Hongkong Legislative Council members elected by the people of Hongkong democratic vote, this should be in the maintenance of "one country two systems" and maintaining the stability of Hongkong, abide by the basic law and to set an example, rather than stand out "one country" damage and damage the unity of Hongkong, which is two and the Legislative Council members elect a discrepancy. Wang Lei said, from a legal perspective, openly advocating "independence, insult countries unworthy members elect members of the Legislative Council of Hongkong. "It is inconceivable that no member of the Legislative Council of any country or region would insult the country in public oath". He also pointed out that if Liang, swim two people continue to serve as members of the Legislative Council, will have a very bad impact. Peking University law school professor Chen Duanhong pointed out that if let the beam, two people in the Legislative Council of Hongkong folk flamboyant, their toxicity would be incalculable. He said that the beam, swim two people oath is not legitimate, is invalid, the Hongkong society is generally accepted, even opposition lawmakers in the Legislative Council is also difficult to deny; Liang, two people asked the president of the Legislative Council to give Liang Junyan the opportunity to re swear, they admit that he had indirect oath invalid. Chen Duanhong believes that two people can not be sworn in, even if the beam, the opportunity to visit the people of the two oath again, they will not give up the Hong Kong Independence stance. Zhang Dinghuai, deputy director of the Hong Kong and Macao Basic Law Research Center, Shenzhen University, pointed out that Liang, two people as a political figure, the behavior of the model in Hongkong. He believes that the behavior of two people not only undermine the inherent procedures of the Legislative Council of Hongkong, but also openly abusive state, this situation should not let them have an opportunity to swear. "If you do not stop this behavior, there will be a very good demonstration effect," Zhang Dinghuai said, "Hongkong should be 3相关的主题文章: