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Samsung global replacement schedule? State line Note7 in the end how to do? Sohu technology with the smart phone market competition into the quality of competition from the cost of the stage, Samsung’s inherent advantages in the smart phone business is gradually showing. Especially the earlier release of its flagship product Galaxy S7, since the launch is highly recognized by the market, once power Samsung shares hit a record high, Samsung will also profit when the quarter pushed to a two-year high level. In such a situation, the Samsung hopes to rely on the introduction of follow up a victory with hot pursuit, the flagship queen Galaxy Note7 will check the apple conference of the iPhone 7, and Samsung in the high-end mobile phone market to the next city. Unfortunately, Note7 just released soon broke the battery defects, resulting in Samsung announced its global recall. The implementation of the marketing plan should follow the prescribed order, the change to the recall plan, although Samsung statement, but still can not stop the news flying all over the sky, make people difficult to distinguish between true and false. In fact, we are concerned about the news nothing more than two points: Samsung in the global recall of Note7 progress? State Bank Note7 in the end how to do? From the ashes, the Samsung Note7 replacement process of surprise from Samsung announced a global recall of Note7 has been more than half, in order to replace the user in the hands of the problem as soon as possible products, Samsung is dedicated". First of all, in order to maximize the recall of information sent to users, Samsung uses information push, operation tips and other means to the user; secondly, Samsung also use technical means to limit the maximum amount of 60% mobile phone charging, in order to avoid the potential safety hazard; finally, the push system upgrade patch Samsung, Note7 users after the update, the green battery icon will display all no problem on the mobile phone screen, and the need to replace the mobile phone screen will display white battery icon. In order to attract the attention of users, and to remind them to complete the replacement of mobile phone service as soon as possible. Samsung this series of actions has received the final results, according to Samsung’s latest official data show that in the goods after the completion of about 90% of Galaxy Note7 users are ready to replace a new Note7; in Singapore, more than 80% users to participate in the replacement service since September 17th. All Galaxy Note7 sold in the market in South Korea, more than 60% of the machine to complete the replacement. Even the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is suggested in the official website updated its security, for the new version of Note7 "unbundling": "the sale in September 15, 2016 after the new version of Galaxy Note7 is not in the list of flight safety tips. No recall of the new device will be displayed on the phone screen green battery icon." It is worth noting that Samsung decided to launch the practice of green battery icon is not in line with Google’s Android compatibility definition document. It is reported that the provisions of the document pre installed Google applications in the interactive interface design to comply with the relevant standards, one of the criteria is the status bar icon must be white相关的主题文章: