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Sammi Cheng – "I love you back is not afraid of" on line > > > Sammi Cheng Remix "I love you" is not afraid of Sina entertainment news after 6 years, Sammi Cheng [micro-blog] a strong return of Chinese music, launched a new single "I love you Mandarin is not afraid". In order to give the fans the best work, Sammi and a number of music creators for the first time in cooperation, hoping to spark a different spark. In music, Sammi cooperation with producer Ni Zigang MV, directed by the Taipei Film Award for best director Chen Hongyi for best photographer Yu Jingping palm mirror, and double this year nominated for the Golden Bell Award for best actor and actress Roy Chiu Tse [micro-blog] Hengyin week to perform MV. In the director’s ingenuity, Sammi Cheng incarnation of hotel staff, each hotel room observation staged love life. Following the 2010 album, "the letter has to love", Sammi Cheng finally to launch a new Mandarin EP in November. Sammi Cheng laughed and said, in fact, have a very strong desire, hope to be able to sing a wonderful song in Mandarin, so she is very active in Song production. This year, Sammi officially announced that it will launch a Zhang Quanxin’s Mandarin works in the year, the first wave of the launch of the first wave of the song, I love you is not afraid to meet the expectations of fans. Sammi picked up the song has always believed in their intuition, and she hopes to cooperate with Ni Zigang for the first time, can create a different kind of spark and works. When you get the "I love you" is not afraid of DEMO, originally set the name of the song is "why love you afraid", Band sound’s music style preference, she is a rare style. Sammi love but think this song is very relaxed and confident very much, so later changed to "I love you not afraid", meaning all love should be full of confidence and courage to pursue not afraid. When the recording is completed, once again she heard "I love you" is not afraid, while listening to the hand while shaking, laughed suddenly but do not know what happened, but she felt very strong, because "finally have a good Mandarin works can return fans, they really wait too long!" "I love you is not afraid" MV by the Taipei Film Awards Best Director Chen Hongyi, Taiwan female photography master. Find an old house renovation director special hotel, let Sammi Cheng as the embodiment of hotel staff, were staged in each room love story. The director designed many fantasy visual room scene, Sammi shuttle in every room, watching the young adults, without the betrayal of conflict, the elderly happiness to express the love, we must be more brave and not afraid to pursue the meaning of. Sammi is the first collaboration with director Chen Hongyi, she said MV received the first cut, read seven or eight times in a row, the number of degrees moved to tears, MV think this is very interesting, in addition to the visual presentation and splicing technique is full of surprises, thanks to the director provides a wonderful story with the idea, is a very pleasant cooperation experience. I just love you.相关的主题文章: