Rio Olympic venues downsizing cited concerns with the diving water polo flower swim

Rio Olympic venues downsizing cited concerns with the diving water polo flower swim pool and mountain Xinhua Rio De Janeiro February 9th sports news (reporter Ji Ye) in Brazil’s economic crisis, the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio in order to prevent the budget to exceed the standard, carefully in the venue construction, which also led to rowing, swimming, equestrian and other international federations the sports organization concerns. Last week, the International Olympic Committee held talks with representatives of 28 international sports organizations in Lausanne, Switzerland, and listened to the latest reports of the Organizing Committee of BOCOG. The delegates also expressed their concerns about the construction of Olympic venues. The Rio Olympic rowing competition will be held in the city is located in the south of Rodrigo de Freitas, lake from here overlooking the mountains and famous scenic spots like Rio Jesus. The organisers initially set up a stand for 14000 people at the venue, but decided to reduce the capacity of the auditorium to 6000 people because of the lack of funds. That’s a lot smaller than 4 years ago at the London Olympics rowing hall with 25000 people. Roland, President of the world Rowing Federation, said: "we fully understand the current situation of the economy in Brazil, but regret that they did not consult us and made a decision to cancel the temporary stand." Like rowing venues, the Olympic swimming pool has also been slimming". Fina executive director Markku Les Cu said: "from the beginning we have compressed Rio’s budget, we have only two swimming pools in Rio, and three in london. That means Rio diving, flower trips and water polo will be launched in the same pool, which has no impact on the event, but has complicated problems in training." But Markku Les Cu and other international sports organizations are similar in attitude: when the Olympic Games left less than 6 months after the opening, although they are worried about the venue, but also can only accept and find solutions. The International Equestrian Federation also expressed concern about the progress of the construction of the Olympic equestrian hall. "When the construction was suspended, we feel anxious about equestrian Museum, in the International Olympic Committee during the meeting, we put forward the problem," the chairman Worster said, "we just confirmed Rio mayor, equestrian Museum has a new construction contract." Last month, the Rio municipal government lifted the construction contract of the Olympic Tennis Hall and equestrian hall. They thought that the two construction sites of the same construction had breach of contract, and the construction progress was slow. The Rio government also imposed a total of 4 million 300 thousand dollars in fines. The city government said the temporary change of construction will not affect the construction of the tennis and equestrian hall, and they promised to finish the project on time. Although the parties expressed concern, but the International Olympic Committee will set the tone for the meeting "positive". A statement said: "the International Olympic Committee special thanks to the Rio Olympic Organizing Committee in preparation for the updated information on individual issues and tolerance. This forum is carried out under the initiative of Olympic 2020 agenda, the purpose is to let the international individual sports organizations participate in each stage of the Olympic preparation." Worster also believes that, despite Brazil’s political and economic crisis.

里约奥运场馆瘦身引各方担忧 跳水水球花游同池 耶稣山   新华社里约热内卢2月9日体育专电(记者姬烨)在巴西遭遇经济危机之际,2016年里约奥运会为了防止预算超标,不得不在场馆建设方面精打细算,而这也引发了赛艇、游泳、马术等国际单项体育组织的担忧。   上周,国际奥委会与28个国际单项体育组织的代表在瑞士洛桑进行会谈,听取了里约奥组委的最新汇报,而与会代表也纷纷就奥运场馆建设问题表达了各自的担忧。   里约奥运会赛艇比赛将在位于该市南部的罗德里古-迪弗雷塔斯湖进行,从这里能远眺群山和里约著名景点耶稣像。奥组委起初准备在该场馆设立能容纳14000人的看台,但由于经费紧张,他们决定将看台容量缩减至6000人。这比4年前伦敦奥运会赛艇场馆25000人的看台小了很多。   世界赛艇联合会主席罗兰德说:“我们完全理解巴西经济当前的境况,但对他们没有咨询我们就做出取消临时看台的决定表示遗憾。”   与赛艇场馆一样,奥运会游泳馆也进行了“瘦身”。国际泳联执行主任马库莱斯库说:“从一开始我们就受到里约压缩预算的影响,在里约我们只有两个泳池,而在伦敦有三个。这意味着里约奥运会跳水、花游和水球将在同一泳池展开,这对于赛事进行没有影响,但在训练方面就出现很复杂的问题。”   不过马库莱斯库与其他国际单项体育组织的态度相似:在奥运会还剩不到6个月开幕时,虽然他们对场馆有担忧,但也只能接受并寻找解决方案。   国际马术联合会也对奥运会马术馆的施工进度表示担心。“当施工被中止后,我们对马术馆感到很焦虑,在国际奥委会会议期间,我们提出了这一问题,”该联合会主席德沃斯说,“不过我们刚得到里约市长的确认,马术馆已同一个新的施工方签订了合同。”   上月,里约市政府先后解除了奥运会网球馆和马术馆的施工合同,他们认为这两个场馆的同一施工方存在违约行为,且施工进度缓慢。里约市政府还对其处以总共430万美元的罚款。市政府称,临时改变施工方不会影响网球和马术馆的施工进度,他们保证会按时完工。   尽管与会各方表达了担忧,但国际奥委会仍将这次会议定调为“积极的”。其发表的一份声明称:“国际奥委会特别感谢里约奥组委就筹备方面的信息更新,以及对个体问题的包容态度。本次论坛是在《奥林匹克2020议程》倡议下进行的,目的就是让国际单项体育组织参与到奥运筹备的各个阶段。”   德沃斯也相信,尽管巴西正遭遇政治经济危机和场馆建设的困扰,但随着奥运会8月5日开幕,一切都将就位,“奥运会就是一个可以让一切问题都得到解决的特别赛事”。相关的主题文章: