Remembering Jam And Jelly Making With Grandma-douke

Food-and-Drink Of the many things that we remember about our childhood that probably had a lot to do with molding us as grownups, somethings good and somethings not so good. This story is about one of those good memories, a memory of my maternal grandmother and her jam and jelly making as we were growing up. My grandparents lived on a large sloping hill their house being at the top with a front yard that was not only big, but it sloped downhill for what seemed like forever. This front yard was all well kept green grass, thanks to Grandpa, so we spent many of hours as kids rolling down that hill only to run back up it to roll down it again until we were wore out, then we would just lay there in the cool grass enjoying the afternoon. Granma’s back yard had the biggest garden that I have seen even as an adult I haven’t seen one quite as big, to tell the truth if it was any bigger it could have been considered a farmer’s field. Growing in this very large garden of my grandmothers was a raspberry patch that ran full the length of the longest part of the garden the raspberry bushes were taller than we were, and next to the raspberry patch was a strawberry patch that was just as long filled with juicy strawberries every spring. When spring came every year us kids would spend a day or two picking strawberries for Grandma so she could take them and turn them into jam. Then when the beginings of summer brought us ripe raspberries we would again be out in Grandma’s garden picking raspberries, trying not to scratch up our hands and arms to badly. As we finished picking the fruit, which as kids seemed like all day sometimes, Grandma would take the fresh picked fruit into the house and have us help wash it all up and pick out the bad fruit. While we were doing that Grandma would be starting to cook down the first batches of jam, she usually had two or three pots going at a time just to keep up wth us. It didn’t take long before Grandma would be pouring the hot jam or jelly into the jars that she had sitting on her very long counter. We would sit there watching and enjoying the aroma of the hot jams and wondering if anyone else had such an amazing Grandma that could do the things she did. What was great about Grandma’s jams is that we all knew that they couldn’t have been made any fresher than what they were because we knew that the fruits were .ing straight from the garden and right into the jam jars within hours. It helped also knowing that our own efforts had helped with the making of them To seal the jam and jelly jars back then quite a few people still used parafin wax to seal the tops, now days that proceedure is considered unsafe by todays health standards. But never the less we as kids thought it was so cool to watch Grandma pour the hot wax into the jars full of Jam or Jelly and to see the wax .e to the top and turn to a white color as the jam and wax cooled. The best part of all of Grandma’s efforts was when we got to take home the jam we all helped carry out the jam to the car as Mom would be holloring at us to be careful not to carry to many jars at a time and that she would kill us if we dropped one. In hearing our Mom get after us you would have thought we were carrying something much more valuable and I guess you could say that jam was quite valuable to us as kids. As an adult I still see that value in our jam and jellies because now we make our own and we still make our jam and jelly just like Grandma did so long ago. Along with Grandma’s jams we also offer her banana bread and other sweet breads that she made over the years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: