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Quanzhou, a woman suspected because of the quarrel ignited a gas tank two people died on the spot "a loud bang bang", houses the two floor windows were shattered, glass debris fell on the ground, and has been out of the smoke. A man and a woman died on the spot. Nearby residents said that the two were cohabiting husband and wife relationship, the same day had a quarrel. 5 pm yesterday afternoon, Shishi town feel the village gallery houses exploded. More than and 10 minutes after the incident, the fire rushed to the scene to carry out rescue work, such as fire. Xu 7 sea last night, reporters rushed to the scene, surrounded by the masses, the houses outside the warning line. "All of a sudden, it was like a gas tank explosion." The boss pointed to a nearby city walls were blackened windows, with the sound of the explosion, the window glass was shattered, and scattered in the downstairs on the road. At the time of the incident, Mr. Hong is just around the corner, when he heard the sound of the explosion he ran to see, the windows have been shattered, and has been out of smoke. "I live in the vicinity of a friend said that the two are cohabitation." He said, I heard that the man likes to play mahjong, when the incident may be two men playing mahjong because of a quarrel. The neighbors also confirmed that two of the deceased Department of cohabitation "husband and wife", man surnamed Zhang, Nanping, he’s a 42 year old woman from Henan, Morocco, and at the age of 32, mainly in the vicinity of downtown sell barbecue gluten. The neighbors said the incident that day at 10 in the morning, Zhang wife back to the house, but was locked in the door, open the door and shouted Zhang constantly kicked the door, but did not respond to. Then, the woman to borrow a hammer, was turned down, again to the other people to borrow a hammer, the landlord is also called down. In the afternoon, the couple quarrel again. "I heard a hissing sound in the room at that time." The neighbors, then a loud bang a loud noise, he also climbed to the two floor, want to see what happened, hoping to provide some help, but opened the door, a smoke went out, he was at a loss what to do. More than 7 points last night, the Civil Affairs Department of the Shishi houses two dead bodies away from the scene, the police from the scene and took a bottle of gas tank. Reporters saw the sea in the room, Restroom still left a tank of gas, the room was burned beyond recognition, full of burning. 8:30 last night, reporters call the sea lions Public Security Bureau police station area relevant responsible person, because the case in the survey, two did not confirm whether men and women are relationship between husband and wife, but also did not disclose the specific cause of the fire and the relevant case information.相关的主题文章: