Qionghai Wetland Park tourists robbed Xichang police arrested the suspect shot by law (video) truffe

Qionghai Wetland Park tourists robbed Xichang police arrested the suspect shot to Sichuan online news (reporter He Qinhua) reporter from the Xichang Municipal Public Security Bureau was informed that in October 3rd, two tourists were robbed in Xichang Qionghai Lake Wetland Park, police in the arrest process, according to one of the suspects shot and wounded arm, the suspect was rushed to hospital for treatment, no danger, the case is still under investigation. 13:51 on October 3rd, the Xichang Public Security Bureau 110 command center received a report: tourists in the vicinity of Wetland Park in Xichang City Beach egret by 2 people with a knife robbed, robbed two mobile phone, and the hand was scratched. In the case of the scenic area, and under the suspect during peaceful times knife robbery, the nature of the bad, very bad influence. After receiving the report, the Xichang Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the organization, network security, criminal police quickly dispatched elite forces to organize special classes to start detective work. At the same time, increase the area of the police patrol efforts to prevent the occurrence of security incidents, criminal violations of personal and property safety of tourists. 21 pm the same day, the Xichang Public Security Bureau police according to the clues in the vicinity of city square of public toilets 2 robbery suspects implementation of the arrest of suspects in the arrest process while jumping to escape. If certain wood suspects resisting arrest against police use of firearms by law, the suspects were wounded and captured on the spot from the arm, afraid of wood Moumou captured mobile phone two, after a preliminary verification for the wetland was robbery stolen booty, afraid of the wood Moumou wetland scenic tourists in the October 3rd robbery confessed to the crime. In October 5th, the case of another suspects were arrested in an Internet cafe in Xichang. If certain wood was wounded after, the Xichang Municipal Public Security Bureau will be sent to hospital for treatment, after inspection without danger, at the same time, the Council has the case informed the Xichang Municipal People’s Procuratorate supervision, at present, the case is under further investigation. Editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading of a man with a knife cut two police officers shot uniforms相关的主题文章: